2020 M4 Lease Deal Check CA

Hello Leasehackr Pros,

Ive been shopping for a M4 deal, worked with a dealership for two weeks and basically they told me take it or leave it, please let me know how this deal looks:

2020 BMW M4:

{Fully Loaded: Competition Pkg, Executive Pkg, M Exhaust, interior/exterior Carbon Fiber etc,}

MSRP: $95,285
Selling price: ~$84500 (estimate, can’t remember all digits)
Lease credit: $1,750
Term: 10k/36m
MF: 0.00142 (Spent a week to negotiate down from max<0.00182> to this)
RV: 60%
Drive-off: $2,500 (including first month, tax & fees + a few hundred down payment)
Monthly: $999 including California tax (9,25%)

Dealer also offered: if a put down max MSDs, they can do same payment with Lease Protection.

What do you guys think?
I have seen some crazy crazy M4cs deals like over $106k MSRP for around $800s payment, so they make this deal not so appealing.

That’s a fully loaded M4 so you’ll always pay a premium but with so many M3 and M4 CS’s on the market and lots of them being in Cali I would go for the CS and save a bit of money. Just factor in the $500 lease transfer cost, maybe tires as well depending on mileage and inspection fee, as I wouldn’t lease a used $110k vehicle without getting it properly checked over.

M3 and M4 market is going to be crazy for a while with all the CS models flooding the market.

Thank you replying, so you are suggesting to take over a CS lease? I saw one from Transfer Category: $115k for $788+tax, almost 1000 miles allowance till August 2021, cash due $2,000.

Is it possible to lease a new one within that range? or those deals are all from a month with crazy incentives?


You’re welcome, I have one eye on an M3 so in a similar boat to yourself.

Unfortunately BMW decided to have a fire sale on all their M3 and M4 CS’s and lots of people got great deals last year but there’s no more available. Now everyone is trying to flip them for a profit by asking for an upfront payment when they probably didn’t pay anything extra, something to bear in mind when negotiating.

Do some hard maths factoring in all the extra costs of taking over a lease and compare to this. I think it’ll still be ~$200 a month cheaper than your deal. Also bear in mind the new M4 will be out in 12 months so a shorter lease gives more flexibility.

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Good luck on your search man!

Yea man, I have seen people trying to flip them for a profit, and still cheaper than the offer I received.

I have a friend who works at Mercedes is offering me a 3k down $990 including tax for a C63s, I am comparing this and the M4s, love the V8 AMGs.

Would you recommend the C63s?

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Generally, most BMW models will be cheaper than equivalent Mercs but there are times that they even out especially in competitive markets like Cali.

Honestly I’ve never driven a C63 but read a lot about them, they definitely do a better job with the engine and exhaust sound but the V8 helps a lot with that.

Was the C63s a sedan or coupe? That’s definitely decent but not looked at any of the C63 numbers since last year so not sure what’s happened recently with them. Have a search here and look for info in Cali. I do remember about a year ago a guy getting a deal in the $800’s p/m but not sure if it was 63 or 63S.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is another to consider as it’ll be in that same performance and price bracket.

Yea man, the power and sound they squeeze our of the V8 engine is amazing.

the C63s was a sedan, has everything I need and want. My buddy is giving me his DE1 discount and willing to take a loser deal for me. i believe this is the best deal unless MB comes out with more incentives. Both cars are having a remodel next year so not sure if we should wait a little longer. BMW F generations are almost gone now tho, in a week my local dealership sold like 9 cars and have only 3 left.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is stunning as well, drives and sound nice. Definitely worth to give a test drive. Reliability is the only thing concerns me even tho it is a lease.

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Does lease protection cost more or less than $2000?

They did not clarify but I believe it is around $1,500.

If you put max MSDs down but keep the payment the same, you’re paying about $2k for that lease protection. If it’s only $1500, and you want it, pay for it out of pocket rather than let them mark it up to even out the savings from the MSDs.

I see what you are saying, they must have marked up the protection plan, or does protection plan cost more for M cars?

Does the vehicle have carbon ceramics?

BMW lease protection (administered by SafeGuard) should cost around $1150 and cover up to $5000 in excessive wear/tear at lease end for $0 out of pocket https://f80.bimmerpost.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1100101

I recently assumed a 2018 M3 lease which came with lease protection, wheel/tire, and ultimate care+. Depending on your style of driving, get the dealer to throw all of these in. $2000 DAS and $999 monthly are at the upper echelon of M3/M4 lease structures so you should be getting the most for your money.

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Yes it does

Considering itts a $95k MSRP, do you think it’s a good deals?

And what’s ultimate care+?


Ultimate Care consists of scheduled maintenance for 3 years/36,000 miles. It covers factory-recommended maintenance services & is non-transferable should you transfer the lease to anyone else. Ultimate Care+ adds transferability & replacement of specific wear-and-tear items such as brake pads, wiper blades and clutch.

I think it’s a good deal if you can get UC+ & lease protection at no additional cost to you, it’ll provide peace of mind whether you ride the lease out yourself or ever want to transfer

Thanks for you info. Sounds very useful especially on a M car. I will try to have them add it to the deal.