2020 M340i xDrive Lease Question

Brand new user here. I’ve done my best to search in advance of posting, so please forgive me if this is a stupid question. I’m currently searching / negotiating a lease for a M340i xDrive in Michigan. The deal I’ve received is bad, but I’m wondering just how bad so I know how best to negotiate, or come up with a new plan.

Is Michigan uniquely bad when it comes to leasing BMWs? The best offer I have received so far is 5% off MSRP before incentives. I haven’t seen anyone in here getting less than 8-9%, with 10% appearing to be the standard. Dealer keeps trying to say that “every region is different” and that he can’t do any better. There are only 3 dealers in SE Michigan, and they seem to have pretty low inventory of M340i xDrives, so there aren’t a ton of options. I’m starting to wonder if I’ll have to just buy out-of-state.

Keep in mind that M340’s are still new, and have only been out for a few months, since July or August versus the 330’s that have been out since February/March. The best deals I’m seeing right now in the Tri-State area is 11% off new in stock units. Brings the lease payment to high 400’s with roughly $2500 + MSD’s due at signing.

I would personally wait until the programs get better on them. That’s what I’m planning on doing.

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Are you saying 11% off before or after incentives? Because I would kill for 11% off before incentives. But the 5% I’m being offered is significantly less than I’ve seen anywhere else. I’m just curious if dealer is playing hardball, or if this is just the market in Michigan.

Before incentives. Could be the market. Contact a broker here and take a weekend trip to a different state.


Yeah…that’s what I’m thinking. Thanks.

It’s your market. Pack a bag, fly and drive it home or get ready to ship if you want to do better than invoice.

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lmao good luck. I’m surprised they offered 5% off, they must be having a really bad month. Rochester Hills is the best but that’s like saying a root canal is better than cancer or amputation.

Toledo, Cleveland or Chicago - or further.

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At least the OP got 5% off. In MN, it was a miniscule 2.5% off on top of a MF of .00168. No budging them either.

Upper regions seems to be bad. Chicago, here I come.

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The best deals I’m seeing right now in the Tri-State area is 11% off new in stock units. Brings the lease payment to high 400’s with roughly $2500 + MSD’s due at signing.

Surely this is a typo? High 400s on an M340i xDrive? Maybe you mean the 330i and I misread this? I have not seen anything even resembling high 400s for an M340i xDrive on this forums

No like, 470+tax. Broker’s are offering that on this forum, and I can usually match or beat what brokers are offering by doing my own leg work.

Hmm, fair enough, however, I am seeing that for lower MSRP models (58k or so, the exec pack will get you to 62k) and with incentives that most people will not qualify for (college grad, you have to have graduated within 24 months, and loyalty, obviously only avail if you already have a BMW, and conquest, only avail if you have a competitor’s car)… So as someone who hasn’t recently graduated, and owns a Honda, and wants the exec pack, there’s no way I’m paying 470 a mo before tax.

I am a USAA member and I heard there’s a rebate there but I don’t know how much.

lol, stay away from Chicago.

You discovered it’s that bad already??