2020 m340i xdrive deal with Trade Allowance


I am having trouble plugging the numbers into the calculator due to the trade-in and general ignorance. After scouring the forums I acknowledge that the MSRP of this car is equivalent to later model M3s but I require AWD and its loaded. Also, I am in Va. Please, knowledgeable sirs, advise me! Attached is the worksheet. Thanks IMG_0256%5B2243%5D|630x500

This is TERRIBLE. I actually want to call the dealer myself and yell at them. Then call you and yell at you

Would never trade in a Lexus RC350 for a BMW 3. That Lexus will run 10 more years without any repairs. It won’t leave you stranded in the middle of the night. They are solid cars with good resale values. Also, in 5 years, you will still get 15k for trade in. Personally, I would drive it for 3-4 more years, pay it off, and then trade it in for another Lexus😜 The residual is pathetic on the BMW. It will never be worth 44k in 3 years. More like 28k trade in.

Your dealer discount is atrocious. Minimum should be 10 percent. As others told me…shoot for 12 percent. Ur trade in car, look on carvanna or car max to match or beat it. I hate giving it to dealer Bc they usually low ball you OR screw you when comes to discount on new car Bc they are “hooking you up” with a great trade in price. They are two separate transactions and the more you have w a dealer the more things get complicated. I would not get a 66k m340. New m3 is rumored to have awd FYI and that’s why I’m doing 24/10 lease. So in sum: minimum 10 percent off msrp…do msd to lower mf if able to…ol code if possible.