2020 M340i Premium Package

Is this a good deal?

You tell us. How do the RV/MF/incentives compare to what you got when you asked Edmunds? How does the pre-incentive discount compare to other deals you have researched?

Was 60% residual and .00142 MF and there was only 1k loyalty. 36m/12k

That’s not what Edmunds told you the current numbers are. Is this an old, completed deal you’re asking about months later or did you not get new numbers?

Where did you get the 00142 mf? April base rate for bmw is 00118 (700+ credit).
Also I think your incentives are off. Do you have bmw loyalty? $1k for lease credit and $2k loyalty.
12k miles a year is 59%.

Im getting $618mo tax included with the above April numbers added.

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You might be able to do 1 or 2% more off of msrp. Counter with 12 or something.

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That’s a good target for buy rate MF. He’s using out of date numbers, so either the info is totally inaccurate or this is a deal that’d already been done.

Your right the deal was done last month, but walked out on the deal, and with the covid19 issue I have been slumping. So older numbers was put in, because that’s the data I had. But thanks for pointing that out, so now it seems I have to redo the numbers and see what the new payments will come out to. Appreciate the help.

But based on the older numbers was it pretty good? Should I head to the same dealer? Other dealers didn’t come close to this number. Seems good to me as other dealer discounts were closer to only 5% off msrp in the Orange County area.

Thank you so much for this information. The numbers were older, and I put in what I remembered.

Incentives seem low from what I recall. Discount is good, but not great.

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