2020 M340i numbers(Texas)

Numbers from my local dealer, i think they’re horrible.


You gotta break down the quote. How much is the dealer discount, what incentives you qualified for, whats the MF being used and taxes etc.

Can’t give feedback without this info. Overall, it just looks terrible

Dealer discount is horrible. You should be getting at least 10% off MSRP pre-rebates. Move on and find another dealer.

10% before incentives maybe hard with dwindling inventory…

Sorry its my first time posting.


I can tell you that its many more words than just Horrible!!!

I can even believe with a $700 plus payment they want $2000 down.

That is easillllllllly M3 money in that quote

That’s not an excuse. Have you reviewed some of the past deals in the “Shared Deals” section or recent broker deals?

Oh ok i see what you mean.

Actually you know what. Who am I kidding.

That could actually be M4 money.

Possibly but we are still on LeaseHacker. The M340i might be a hot-seller right now, but even with dwindling inventory, I can’t recommend that someone on this forum buy one for less than that.

If OP does not need a new car now and can wait for production to ramp up again, I would suggest going this route.

yeah i can wait, I’m just fishing to see what pricing is like out here right now.

you need @IAC

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Stock is really limited but I think we have a few left at different dealerships at decent prices.

@Traderx - not in Texas! It’s closer to $1,000 - even with a selling price of $85,000 (and I know it varies between regular and CS, but the CS leases better), it’s about $150 a month in taxes alone!

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