2020 m340 lease takeover questions

Hi Hackrs!

I am thinking about taking over someone’s 2020 BMWm340i. The problem is the person is in Utah and I’m in California. The cars msrp is 64k. The payment is 505 pretax. The car has 27 months left and I can average a 1k miles a month throughout the lease. But I have to pay 1000 down payment, 500 application, 700 to ship it. Maybe I should drive it? Any advice suggestions would be appreciated!!!

Does the maintenance transfer over? Anything else I should be aware of.

You need to decide if that works for you… is it any different than buying/leasing new? Are you willing to wait for a new one, know inventory is terrible now? Or pay what is asked now? What $ amount will work for you?

Regular maintenance - no. You’ll need to contact a service center and pay a fee to get it ‘reactivated’ or transferred. If the original lessor paid for UltimateCare+, it will transfer. You should ask for details…

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+1 for everything he said.

I, personally, would go with it because:

  1. Not much stock on M340i even in Cali.
  2. Because of reason #1, we are not getting big number discounts. (even on loaners)
  3. 27mo remaining sounds ok.
  4. Factored 1000+700 / 27 -> additional $63 a month.
    Which makes about $607 (with 7.75% Anaheim tax). That too bad.

Also, to ‘reactivate’ regular maintenance, regular price of it is $700.
Good luck on getting a deal on that too.

So a refresher is $200 according to a dealer that I just spoke too. But that activates the basic 36 months maintenance. If I pay an extra $900 that will cover the brakes and rotors. Is it worth paying the extra $900 for brakes and rotors?

How much would it cost for an independent mechanic to do a brake job, especially considering that rotors shouldn’t really be needed during a normal lease term?