2020 M340 lease check


Recently got this offer on a brand new M340i in stock.

MSRP $60,xxx
Selling price: $52,xxx (13% off)
Incentives: $3000
MF: 0.00128 (no MSD)
and some registration, doc fee, etc.

Monthly came out ~$500 pre-tax and matched LH calculator pretty closely. How does this look?


Looks pretty good. Good discount. Base money factor. I’d take it

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That’s looking pretty good. If that was just a first offer, I’d push for a bit more off. Make sure they’re not fooling around with the drive offs though.

Doesn’t hurt to ask for more, but if they don’t budge it’s a good deal assuming no absurd dealer fees.

Thanks guys! I got this quote without too much negotiation. Let me try if it could be better. :wink:

Don’t forget to keep us posted!

Great deal!

13% with incentives it’s on the right end of ok. 13% before incentives is great.