2020 loaner BMW M340 PNW


Hi all, this is my first post and please let me know if I miss anything.
10k miles 36 months. The money factor is .00148.

MSRP: $62470
Selling price: $56042
Rebates: $2000 ( lease conquest )
Adjusted price: $54042
Mileage: 4439
Drive-off: $2500 ( including first-month payment, $150 doc fee, $810 registration fee and the rest is cap reduction)
Monthly: $679 after tax ( I believe the tax rate is 10.3% for Seattle )

Any advice on this quote? Wondering what’s the normal percentage off on a 4000+ loaner car?
Thank you for taking a look :slight_smile:

A quick search will tell you that 10-13% off for new is achievable. For a loaner with that many miles I’d shoot for at least 15-17% to offset the RV hit and abuse!

Also, negotiate a buy rate MF of 0.00128. GL!

Numbers are little high, I’m leasing 330i xdrive msport 2500$ down and I only pay 500$

try to lower the price

You’re 3000 miles away
It’s a different car
And MSRP could be a $15-20K swing for all we know

$53,000 before incentives or walk.

Just my take on it.


If you’re dealing with a Seattle area dealer, there is little chance of getting a decent deal on a loaner.

IMO you should be able to push to 15% with buy rate on a loaner, and that should be doable down in Portland.

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Thanks for replies, I will try aiming the buy rate MF and $54000 before incentives. Seattle dealers are so hard to negotiate, for new ones I can only get $2000 discount before incentives :man_facepalming:

MSRP is 58k, and sales tax in ny is 8.875%
And difference between 340 and 330 especially w msport and loaner vs brand new , you shouldn’t pay so much

Go to Portland. Someone just posted a deal from there that is way better.

They can handle all the registration and taxes. Fly down, drive home.

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$53,000 and buy rate if it’s a loaner since they have higher writedowns.

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A 330 in a different part of the country is not relevant to this post. Please do not get into a debate about it.