2020 Lexus NX 300 F sport

Hi, currently getting 429/month 0 DAS. Is this good/

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MSRP, tax rate?

Pretty good
Even if you do base which is 41k
And I’m assuming nj tax 7%

Will have numbers tomorrow, tax rate is 8.875%

I’m getting from NJ but located in NYC, 8.875 tax

and its eveything rolled in including taxes

Not really impressed with Lexus, but if you like it numbers are pretty solid.

How many miles?

10k 27miles

You do realize that your post doesn’t make any sense, right? Whether your deal is good or not depends on the msrp of the vehicle. It may be a great deal on a 50k msrp but would be poor on a 35 k car.

44860 MSRP fam

Try to get the residual, MF and incentives from Edmunds forum. Seems decent, whether you can do better or not depends on what the discount off msrp is.