2020 Lease Support

I understand BMW lease support for model year 2020 will end this month (march of 21). I have searched everywhere and can’t locate what may still be available, at lease until the end of the month, on a 2020 530i. Obviously, loyalty but any other support? Thanks so much for any assistance.

I found all of 6 in FL

wow inventory is low.

Not sure about inventory levels, but check Edmunds for the RV, MF, and Incentives. There may be other information about leasing incentives on AutoBytel.

How do you know the lease support is ending by end of this month. Thank you

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Short inventory. No reason to continue support at this point. There may or may not be some VIN specific exceptions past this but 99% drop dead tomorrow close of business.

There is no way to tell if lease support is ending using some sort of database. Only BMWFS decides this. However, 2020 models should not have support for much longer looking at current inventory levels.

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