2020 Kia Telluride supply terrible! I think its about time to bring on the 2021s!

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Is Georgia even making 2020s anyone? What are they doing?? I think its time to make the 2021 Telluride now since the 2020 was released way back in February 2019!! So frustrating!

Are you expecting some big changes with the MY21 cars?

Nope. Im just tired of waiting for 2020s to hit the lots and am ready to see 2021s roll out! I don’t want any 2020 vehicle to remind me of the year 2020!


I mean does it even matter at the current stage… The MY is just a label, apparently the factory just can’t pump out enough cars which is really the issue here

BMW suspended June break in SC, they’re full steam ahead rn.

I believe there will be a few changes for MY21. Really excited to see the “Black Edition” I’ve heard about.

If it makes you feel any better, the 21s will probably also be a horrible lease proposition


Terrible telluride leases, BMW inflated residuals, and 1% rants are a staple of leasehackr now.


Who doesn’t love inflated residuals!

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Especially washed up former Hollywood stars.

This seems to happen with all new release SUVs. Remember when the QX50 or the Volvo XC40 dropped? Lease deals were insane. Now the XC40 can be had for a song (with Costco especially).

Same thing with the Ascent and the Atlas. Lease deals still aren’t incredible for either of those, but compared to when they were first rolled out, it’s not even close.

It looks like Kia and Hyundai both hit home runs with the Telluride and Palisade. But just wait it out. The landscape for leasing them will completely change soon enough.

*Telluride, not Tiburon.

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Tiburide? Telluron?

Who can keep track of all these cars named after fancy cities?

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It’s going to be a while with the telluride. Kia is intentionally throttling supply. The palisade is currently outselling the telluride over 3 to 1 because of supply limitations.

Interesting. Still haven’t seen a decent lease on a Palisade either

Search the forum, you’ll see Matt’s (@mllcb42) Palisade post and others

I think there’s a bit of a frame of reference that has to go into that. My deal, if I do say so myself, is fantastic for a Palisade. I’d even go as far as saying it’s decent compared to what a lot of the competition (ascent, atlas, pilot, exploder) go for. It still doesn’t hold a candle to the value that you get in something like an XC90, at least compared to the purchase price. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to get a better equipped xc90 cheaper than what I’m paying though, even though the MSRP is higher.

Everything is a decent lease compared to a telluride though.

Even a 900/month accord?

May be able to get you into a base model but would have to pull some strings.