2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk *Lease*

Seems silly doesn’t it. I may just end up purchasing the car out right opposed to leasing.

Last year these were sitting on dealer lots. That’s a pretty sad discount they offered you as well.

People that buy these really want these cars and are not considering anything else. Me personally I’d get an X5M Comp.

I’ll give you a short but sweet walk through.

You need to build out the car on nada and determine the invoice of the car, from there I would attack a few percentage points below invoice and expect to end up somewhere near 1% below invoice. The discount you have is laughable, this version of the hellcat has been out for a few years.

The trackhawk does not lease well, it is a better performing and sounding suv than the x5m, and the x3m is an m3 on an suv aka built for track, the trackhawk will slaughter almost every performance suv out there aside from something like an urus which is more than double the price.

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If you don’t mind eating the depreciation then make them an offer well below what they’re asking now.

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Good luck man!

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What do these go for used?? I can’t imagine you’d lose $40k buying a 1-2 year old one then flipping it.


70k for 10k miles/yr, that’s on the low end.

18 with mileage in the teens I believe wholesales in the 60s.

Purchase, and shoot for a prior year that has been sitting awhile. If its what you want go for it, most the responses here although practical in lease approach wont apply to this truck. A purchase is the only way to go if you truly want it.

@blkonblk17 if you are actually serious about leasing/buying a trackhawk make a post on hellcatforum.org.

That would be the best place for pricing and dealer contacts.

@JD81 my approach will work, I worked a trackhawk deal last year for a buddy, he wanted a trackhawk but ended up liking the charger just as much when he figured out the monthly payment on a trackhawk was going to be $12-1300 versus 750/mo on a charger. He didn’t need awd, not sure how bad op needs awd