2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee - High Altitude deal check

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Truly hope I captured it all.
2020 Grand Cherokee High Altitude 4x4
MSRP 54580
Selling $51248 - not at all the usual discount on these.
42 months 12k per year
47% residual - Edmunds told me 48%
.00020 M/F
Zero due at signing - I keep questioning this as they are saying no first payment for 45 days.
$569 per month

What am I missing? I will keep working the selling price as that is too high. Also the lease calculator states $639 per month, so not sure where the difference is.

Just found out taxes were not including! Getting an updated number and will report back, but based on my two previous GC deals, this is not a good deal at all. Might as well get an XC90.

Plus an fca product out of warranty sounds like a terrible idea

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