2020 Jeep Gladiator Signed!


I had a really hard time getting this deal. I went through a lot and I’m pretty sure it’s not able to be replicated right now.

A week ago I worked a deal on a Gladiator with a dealer out of state and they accepted the sale price I gave them. I said “great, I’ll send over my credit app, ID and insurance”. The salesman said “congrats, I’ll get right on it” and they were going to deliver it to my driveway. That was at noon. At 7pm I get a call from the salesman saying “there is a couple in the box right now buying your truck, would you like to look at another one?”. I was furious.

I called the sales manager and she was zero help and said “company policy, we can’t hold vehicles”. I said “I was t asking you to hold anything, the vehicle was sold to me”. Long story short, the couple came in and offered them more money than I did so they sold it to them. My wife told me to forget about that dealership and just slam them on the internet. Lol

Ever since the Comanche, I said if Jeep builds another truck, I’m getting on ASAP. And since this was the best deal I have seen on any of the forums, I had to pursue it. So I called the GM of the dealerships and voiced my displeasure. He was a super nice guy and got me to 8.5% under invoice on another similarly equipped Gladiator for my troubles. He claimed, they weren’t trying to hit a number because they already reached their sales goal and they were losing near $2,000 on this truck. So I paid the drive off money and the new gladiator will be delivered to my driveway by Wednesday. :grin:

The Truck Details:
Sport S
Max Tow Package
7” Screen Group
Convenience Group
Cold Weather Group
3 Piece Freedom Hardtop
Spray In Bedliner

2020 Jeep Gladiator Sport S
MSRP: $45,310
Sale Price: $39,969
SecurityDeposit: $425
Monthly Payment: $399
Drive-Off Amount: $1,425 (first month, fees, etc)
Annual Mileage:10k
Incentives: NA
Region: PA
Leasehackr Score:10.1 Years


Congrats! Pics please!

These are the dealers pics of it. They will have to suffice until it gets here midweek.

image image

Nice and it’s not 42mo like every other deal on these posted


The 42 months only makes sense for US Bank. Their MF is lower and Residual is pretty good at 42 months. I used CCAP so 36 is the sweet spot

Solid plan to avoid US Bank


I was talking to a salesman on Friday. He said the Wrangler sales have gone down since gladiator. Maybe they will be hacked soon enough. Enjoy the truck.

Out with the new and in with the… newer

2018 Ram 1500 with 11k is getting picked up by Vroom


I’m not a pickup truck guy, but I am a Wrangler guy. The Gladiator looks awesome.

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I’m a pickup guy and a wrangler guy ( Owned 7) so this was just the natural move.

When the gladiator concept came out a decade ago, I said I would get one. And I can’t believe it’s actually here


Has the Gladiator been meeting your expectations?


As a daily driver- yes
As a truck- yes
As a toy- yes

I visit the gas station more than I wished but every time I see it, I smile. Also, the amount of positive reaction from strangers is pretty cool too. I’ve only seen a couple of them where I live.

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congrats, can u say about how much off MSRP the 1st deal was going to be?

A little over 5 grand off MSRP

Raven so the 1st one that got sold underneath you was $5k off MSRP? Would you mind sharing that dealership? I’m only seeing about $3k below at 5% under invoice.

It was Criswell dodge Chrysler Jeep of Thurmont but I wouldn’t recommend doing business with them. I’ve heard much better things about Criswell of Gaithersburg though.