2020 JEEP GC Limited X - FEEDBACK


Hey, hackrs! Any input on these 2 quotes I got for Limited X?

36 months / 10k per year.
RV= 54 %.
MF= 0.00019
Both based on Edmunds.
0 down. 1k is for the taxes and dmv fees.

Big difference between the two but i’m holding on to the first one because he said, he gave “6000” discount. But the quote is still high with top tier credit. The 2nd one is a bit realistic to me. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

PS. I’m willing to sign the 42 months but with an option to turn in the car at 36 months with no fees so I don’t have to worry about having no warranty.

This the number I got using the calculator .

Fairly terrible. You’ll want most Jeep leases to go through US Bank or Ally to really get a good deal.

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In option1, looks like the dealer is giving you a $2.2K discount, or about 4% which is pretty weak. The rest of the $6K is coming from the Lease Cash.

I believe I read somewhere that people are paying mid to high $400s for that SUV with similar drive offs.

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I’ve been reading forums not only here and but also in Edmunds. They lease well on different trims but not on this particular one. They already stopped production of this particular trim in 2021. So probably that’s why it’s expensive.