2020 JD Power Initial Quality Study

Tesla is “profiled” for the first time this year and had the worst rating. It’s not officially ranked b/c Tesla wouldn’t provide consent for JD Power to contact its owners in 15 states where consent is required. Fascinating.

Dodge and Kia ranked highest. Given that infotainment was a problem area for most cars and given that FCA and Kia products have highly rated infotainment systems (for ease of use), I wonder if that might have tipped the scales in their favor…

Should tell you all you need to know right there.

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@RustyDaemon, please :slight_smile:

Chevy Sonic #1

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what a load of bs someone somewhere is getting paid off.

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I stopped trusted Consumer Reports, JD Powers, and the mainstream news reports on car quality.

It’s basically just paid advertising. How can GM/FCA/Ford products win so many awards and simultaneously be so cheap feeling and unreliable? (FCA especially)

Just can’t trust those sources anymore.

Hey now. Chevy Ford and Kia are just as cheap feeling and unreliable as Dodge.

This is a joke though.

Consumer Reports is the polar opposite of JDP.

They are a not-for-profit that is membership-funded. They do not accept free press cars for their long-term tests. They buy them anonymously, from retail dealers just like any consumer would.

AFAIK they also do not sell the right to use their awards or survey results in advertising by OEMs.

They also do not publish anything remotely as meaningless as “initial quality”… talk about an oxymoron.


Must depend on the industry. Was very close with someone in the inside of manufacturing mattresses and she knew exactly how mattresses were made, what was quality, what was all gimmicks. She went on seminars and conferences for mattress development. She looked at consumer reports “top 10” mattresses for 2018 and said the top 5 mattresses had to be paid advertisement because they were all cheaply made, low quality “luxury” mattresses retailing for 3-5k.

This experience is purely anecdotal, but if consumer reports was giving high marks and reviews to gimmicky mattresses, does that extend to other products they review?

Honestly just don’t trust any organization that makes its claim in the industry as being impartial or unbiased. There will always be bias.

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Maybe people who buy these cheap mattresses don’t know any better, but they are CR audience and gave high marks to these low quality mattresses :slight_smile:
Same can be true for cars.

IMO, these surveys on quality are all worth nothing more than a time waster while sitting on the throne. I’ve had cars that CR or JDPower recommends as best buys that had so many problems I couldn’t wait to get rid of them. OTOH, I’ve had cars that were considered problems that gave me trouble-free service. Now that I lease, none of it matters anymore, as if there are problems, they’ll be covered under warranty, and I’ll get a car to use while they’re doing so. And if they are problems, I know there’s an end in sight where I can hand back the keys, and it’s not my problem anymore.

Mitsubishi at #6? Right. I think buyers of higher end cars are much more likely to complain about every single thing they notice. Maybe even without fully understanding that it may not be an issue at all lol

Everything is in the eye of the beholder. If I worked in the leather or audio industry that’s probably what I would say about the “luxury” cars that we see on LH

Chevy Sonic got an award for highest-quality compact or something like that? Also Dodge had the least issues?


Does ‘Initial Quality’ just mean before you drive it off the lot?

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Pretty much. Technically it’s something like 3 months but same thing.

Both JDP and the concept of initial quality are useless.

Not that I think the CR is the Holy Grail, but I just took a quick peek at CR’s mattress ratings. They don’t publish a “Top 10,” and, among the top picks for 2020 they have in multiple categories (they categorize by air, innerspring, and foam), very few of them (like 2 total?) are in the 3-5K range. They even have a top selection that’s less than $1K. I doubt the top-rated choices in 2018 were that much different, in terms of price.

Did your friend mean Consumer Guide?

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The first three months are focused on trying to get in touch with a Finance Manager or Sales Manager to complain about something or make random demands.

I’d rather see awards based on vehicles three years after.

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JDP does a 3-year survey too but the sample size is shockingly small and clearly their goal is to sell the right to use these awards in advertising

I meant consumer reports. It may actually have been consumer guide. The magazine (I physically saw the list myself) was very similar to what consumer reports publishes. It didn’t just cover mattresses, but other products to include household appliances. Maybe my memory isn’t serving me well. I’m not even that old!