2020 Jaguar Ftype P340

Hi guys - Let me know what you think of this deal on what the dealer is calling a 'Jaguar executive or rep" untitled car with ~3700 miles. I think I did the calculator correctly by putting the $1000 bonus cash and $7775 dealer cash in the right places.

Dealer discount looks low at 8.8% in light of miles
Edmunds gave residual at 46% and dealer at 45% so assume for mileage
36/15 is @ 46% and .00001


  1. Push this to see how far I can go
  2. Wait for 2021 RSD/MF to come out in early April and/or if better deals on 2020s (2021s in showrooms now)
  3. Do what everyone else does and just get a Cayman

thanks all