2020 Infiniti QX80 Luxe AWD

MSRP: $74,745
Discount: $7,741
Adjusted Price: $67,304
Cap Reduction Cash from Me: $1,138(first month payment)
Fees(title,reg,processing,acquisition): $1,367
Lease Terms: 39/12
Tax Rate: 6.5% (Illinois) , $2,784
Residual: $38,868
Net cap cost: $71,386
Monthly Payment: $1,071

Offer from Louisville,KY area. Seems high. MF seems insanely high. Is this because the 2020s just came out? Or are they inflating it because of the 10% discount? Any advice? Thanks!

They never lease that well but that looks awful, speaking of MF, what is it?

May be inflated numbers due to “refresh”

It is $300 a month more than I would feel comfortable playing

Continue to shop around


Oh good grief I forgot the MF. It’s .00215. Sorry about that.

If you actually need a full size suv to tow a boat etc, go look at gm/ford, they gotta lease better than this.