2020 infiniti qx60 sig awd $450/mth. Is there a better option? (Leather and 3rd row required)

Outdated car/tech, redesign coming, but is this worth considering based on price? Thanks in advance.

I wouldn’t do it… current QX60 for that money is nuts . The redesign finally looks decent. Infiniti finally woke up alittle.

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$450/mo+ isn’t cheap enough to justify that dinosaur imo

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That needs to be taken out of discount and put into the untaxed incentives field to get a more accurate picture of how good or bad the deal is.

Revised, thank you. Thanks @mllcb42 and @TheBigTuna as well. Just for a laugh…from the dealer when I asked for the $6400…

“The 6400 isn’t an incentive, its dealer cash, non advertised so it is beyond me how you got that information”

Ask for 2021 and price difference

Or better yet, run the numbers yourself on both options so you know your target before ever involving a dealer


Thx. 2021/22 not coming out in the near future…2020 SIG Trim is only QX60 currently with lease support.

Volvo XC90?

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Much appreciated @volvo1 Would love one and considering for sure…Night and day better, but not $450 I can find yet.

There have been some loaner blowouts recently that have gotten close for the T5 models. Good luck with your search.

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