2020 Hyundai Palisade SEL (Finance)

Purchase not a lease but I figured I would post my deal. I plan on keeping it for a long while.

2020 Hyundai Palisade SEL

MSRP: $38,690 (addition of leather)

Infiniti Lease 6 months left and already over the mileage (3,000 miles at .25 a mile). Also an accident damaged the rear bumper that was never fixed (not significant but will need new bumper). Hyundai took it the way it sat and I added the rest of the payments to the deal which was $2700.

Effectively $41,390 was the starting price here.

Selling price: $37,089

Dealer doc/reg/tag/service fees: $1850

Tire/wheel protection, tints, extended electrical warranty to 72 months, protective coating interior/exterior: $1900 (UPDATE: I cancelled this and will be refunded the $1900)

Sales tax/county tax: $2350

Total: $43,189

Interest rate: 2.19 at 72 months

Payment with 7k down: $538

My payments are deferred for 3 months. Not sure how that really works because the contract starts 9/28/2020. Where is that $1500 worth of payments? Either way for a hot car with most dealers giving little to no incentive and my situation I think I got a pretty good deal.

ouch… why? It’s a nice SUV but still just another mass produced SUV. Enjoy your ride!

True. Adding the other car and the problems I had with it made the numbers higher but it is what it is.

Probably because it’s a good bit cheaper than anything else on the market that offers a comparable package.

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Sounds really expensive for a Hyundai.

Did you even read the whole thing? OP rolled in tons of negative equity as well as financed a bunch of crap…

Yea the negative equity killed the deal. Still the discount from msrp was about 10% which is very good for this car right now.

I haven’t seen anyone top 10% pre-incentive on one of these. Ceiling usually is around 7-8%. With Hyundai scaling back production on these due to supplier issues, I don’t see this getting better anytime soon either.

Also, don’t forget to get the $250 post sale rebate from bonus drive.

I didn’t know about that. Where do I go for that? The website?

easiest way to apply is at allstate.bonusdrive.com

No need to be an allstate customer to apply. Takes about 6-8 weeks for the check to show up, but it comes from Hyundai directly.

Great! Thanks for that!

What state are you in?

Florida. Fees suck lol

Did they purchase the car as a trade? Then the negative equity must surely have been greater than $2,700?

Or are they just grounding the car for you?

If they haven’t bought the car from you and end up returning to Infiniti then you might get a bill from Infiniti for the damaged bumper. Happened to me when a Lexus I traded-in ended up being returned by the dealer to the manufacturer…

They didn’t purchase it. It was worth 6k less than payoff. I paid the remaining payments and they are sending it back to Infiniti. That would suck if they send me a bill!

Yup this is what I’m afraid will happen

I will let you guys know. Hopefully I get lucky lol.

This is killing you. May I ask why you opted in for all of this? Also you are definitely going to get charged for the bumper when the car is returned. There is no way around that. Did the Hyundai dealer imply otherwise?

Yea I usually don’t get that stuff but the wife insisted. Hyundai didn’t tell me otherwise I just figured they were taking the car and that would settle things but I guess not.