2020 Honda Pilot Touring 7 passenger

So im going down tomorrow to sign for a 2020 Honda Pilot Touring 7 passenger with the all weather matts and foldable cargo liner. 12k/36 month with only first due at signing and monthly payment of $437. They’re giving me the Conquest rebate since i’m turning in my Toyota Highlander

I’m in MA. 6.25%tax. Money factor is .00107. Selling price is $39,689 (includes the all weather matts valued at $339)

Seems like a solid deal. Am I missing something?

What’s the MSRP? What’s the amount of the conquest incentive?

A quick look on Edmunds looks like there’s a $1750 incentive right now (factory to dealer). So add your conquest amount to that and subtract from the MSRP.

Then subtract the selling price from that to see how much of a discount you’re actually getting.

MSRP is $46,140 but doesn’t include the $339 for the Matt’s.

Conquest is $1000.

I’d tell them to keep their Matt’s, they’ll probably want to be fed and whine about new clothes.


I want the Matt’s. I live in the NE. Snow and dirt erodes the carpet and I dont want to have to pay for them at the end of the lease. And I’m not sure if you were making a joke or not.

Yeah I think you’re talking about mats, but the deal looks good, maybe too good. I’d want a lease sheet to verify everything. You don’t want to show up and they say it’s actually higher or they didn’t include some addons etc. I’d also want to see the selling price/incentives in writing.


I hope $339 is for the mats AND cargo tray, you could get them cheaper yourself, but it’s probably not worth the fight.

So you know Honda usually sells two versions of all weather mats, regular and high-wall. I recommended the high wall, they are often the same price.

Yes. 339 for both. High wall

Good luck with the 2020 touring terrible infotainment issues and they’re is no fix waiting on a buyback from dealer

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Seems like a really solid deal.

If this is your only concern, trust me the carpeting will not even be close to chargeable at the end of 3 years. If you just want the mats try negotiating them down to invoice/online price or just buying online to avoid paying rent charge on them as well and can resell them when the lease ends (ultimate cheapie here)


$225 for both

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I never heard about the issue before I saw your post. Research shows you are correct.

How common is it? All 2020 pilots or random occurrences?

A pretty huge chunk and theyre is no fix enough for a class action lawsuit

Guess that makes me an ultimate cheapie too bc that’s exactly what I do. Buy the all weather mats cheap on my own, and then when it’s time to turn the car in, throw the factory mats back in, clean up the all weathers and sell them via marketplace or craigslist.


Im looking now and it appears to be an issue with 2018-2019 models. Not the 2020. can anyone confirm either way?

Waiting on Honda to contact me to tell u the dealer said don’t bring it in they’re is no fix