2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid Touring Lease Deal Check

For those with experience, what are your thoughts on this deal?

Not sure if there is any more room to negotiate it down.

Thanks in advance!

Looks great at first glance… what does Edmunds forums say about MF and incentives?

The MF provided seems to be what others were getting and there is $1k dealer cash. I’m guessing my dealer is going to apply that for zero DAS.

I signed and drove off with zero DAS. Payment was changed to $364 and change. 10k miles annually for 3 years. Not bad, I think.

You should always post and ask for your zip rather than go off of what others seem to be getting. Programs can vary regionally. You need the current programs for your region.

Hi mllcb42, I completed the leasehackr calculator which contains the MF. Also, maybe I wasn’t specific with my comment, but the .00119 that I was quoted matched postings on Edmund forums as max_g suggested to look at.

In any case, I think the deal is pretty good cause I’ve scoured the net and haven’t seen anything better.

Thanks for your input though. Happy New Year!

Hmmm hybrid touring for $364 a month?

That deal sounds way to good. People are paying lows 300s for the simple EX model & mid 300s for the EX-L

Did you post on the edmunds forum and ask or just go off of response to others?

Great deal IMO. Can you post the contract without personal info? Would help others know what they can target pre incentive

The thread I was looking at has been up for years. Went to the most recent period (December 2020) and I saw about two posts with the same MF. Didn’t bother to check the region or dig deeper cause the deal was already good.

Sure. I’ll post it soon.

Keep in mind that it’s the 2020 and not 2021. It wasn’t an issue for me since there is virtually no change other than a slight price increase. Also, it’s not my main vehicle.

Except incentives(and sometimes mf) often varies by region, so going off of the info from someone else’s region can give incorrect information.

Often times a great deal in one region isn’t a great deal in another because of these variations. May not have made a difference in this case, but there’s only one way to actually know. We don’t tell people to actually ask rather than just look at what has been previously posted out of boredom.

I know, right? I posted a photo of the contract, so it really happened. Pre-pandemic, I shopped around for the non-hybrid touring (since it wasn’t out yet) and was quoted around $450.