2020 Honda CR-V EX deal breakdown help?

Hey all –

I recently test drove a CRV EX and it’s adequate for what I’m looking for. I do prefer the Rav4, but I’ve heard Toyota no longer allows for out of state deals? I’m not sure if that’s true, but I’d be interested if anyone has any info on that.

With that being said, this is the breakdown I was provided on the CRV. This looks like a terrible deal to me but these are also the first numbers I’ve been given. Negotiating directly through email.

Zip code is 37660


That is indeed awful.

What is your target price based on the current lease programs and pre-incentive discount targets from the deals you have researched here?

OMG a 30k car for $424 M OTD?

That deal really sucks.

BTW Why is there a 26% Tax rate?

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I haven’t seen any Honda deals within a reasonable distance to be able to compare.

My area isn’t big on leases, so there aren’t many incentives available from what I’ve seen.

Target price is $330/mo or less
36 mos/12k

Dealer I’m discussing with just updated to these figures. Still feel like it’s a shit deal for a $30k vehicle.


What pre-incentive discount is required to get you there?

We’ve seen them in the low $300’s with lots of grinding, personally I think $300+ is too much for what this vehicle is. Is this one even AWD? If you want a Toyota why not shop those, no dealers in TN?

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What’s with the Tax rate? I’m computing 28% now?

I believe the sales tax number you’re seeing is the tax on upfront fees, not the monthly payment.

In the first quote it was exactly (CAP - RV) / 36 + Tax
In the 2nd quote the monthly went down but the Tax line went up from 87 to 112.

28110 - 18733 = 9377 right?
338 * 36 = 12168

So 2791 in rent charge?

Which is to be expected. Monthly went down because of a larger cap cost reduction. Tax on the upfronts includes tax on the cap cost reduction. More cap cost reduction = more tax. (Assuming the sales tax value is based in the first column of the three prices)

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This is a 2020 CRV EX AWD in Sonic Gray
I agree that for what this vehicle is, the $2k is too much upfront anyway. This isn’t my top choice for vehicle, but the safety features are enticing as a parent

And to the other commenter - I have shopped Toyota also, but the local dealers have almost no inventory

The discount is only 6% before the $500 incentive, here’s Toyota post for info

I’ve spoken to him before as well, and he doesn’t have the XLE AWD in stock unfortunately.

I have a few Xle in stock now. All my suvs are awd


This dealer mentioned Toyota won’t do out of state leases anymore, Jim. I would love to buy locally to avoid the drive, but the pricing out of state is better.

Prob 500 to ship to Tennessee…you’ll be low 300s on it all in.

Thanks Jim!

If you look at what a normal or broker Honda deal is, the Toyota shipped will roughly be around there.

Definitely look around more, but I’m not sure you’ll find anything that decisively beats it, and if you like the RAV4 more…

Of course they will tell you that, they want you to buy from them

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