2020 Honda Accord Lease Deal Check ($267/month)

Yeah, lots of haters “here” on that 2020 Acura TLX, especially as it is getting revamped for 2021. About the infotainment system- I use Android Auto, so have no issue with that 2nd screen. And adding that yes, some would rather have a “newer” Honda vs. the “older” Acura sedan…not me, as I’ve very pleased with mine that I got in December 2019. Good luck with your decision.

Thanks for the input! I don’t qualify for the incentives currently. I’ve asked a lot of questions about the fees and other details (which I provided) and just requested paperwork so I’m sure there’s nothing I don’t know about right now. I will call them after and offer to sign for a 12-13% discount from MSRP (9% currently).

Thanks for the feedback! I’m going to take that advice on calling and making an offer to sign day of once I get the formal paperwork. All of this has been done in an email exchange - but I think I’ve gotten a good degree of detail out of them based on research here and elsewhere.

They said all fees/taxes are included in the monthly payment. I’ve asked for formal paperwork to ensure that is the case. Thanks for the input!

Thanks for the feedback! My contact with the dealer has been based on my research here. Based on their initial quote, I asked about where the fees are placed, what the residual and MF are, and other details like taxes.

They said all fees and taxes are included in the $267 DAS and $267/month. I have researched some sale price quotes from my local area and based on what I know now this is about 1% lower ($21,700 quoted vs $21,900 sale price found via research).

My last step was requesting paperwork to ensure there’s nothing I haven’t found out yet. Based on that, I will make an offer to sign today at 12-13% discount to MSRP vs the 9% they currently offered.

I didn’t go in with a monthly cost I was asking for, but rather the details I’ve laid out in the post. “Deals” are all relative, so I’m taking in all the data I can.

Thanks for the guidance!

It’s important that you independently verify these as well as incentives through Edmunds before moving forward

We can agree to disagree on this one.

Not a hater. I owned a 2013 Accord for 5 years, so I am used to the double screen. I kind of liked it. Before leasing my A4 back in 2018, I was looking at purchasing a 2018 Accord Touring or leasing a 2018 TLX A-spec. After checking out both cars at my local dealer, I ended up with the Audi for numerous reasons.

EDIT: I have no regrets getting my Audi.

I’m 99% sure you’re thinking of the upgraded infotainment on every trim except LX. The LX is NOT touch screen.

But yes the TLX infotainment sucks really badly. I can rant all day about how disappointed I was/am with the TLX :man_facepalming:

I wouldn’t shop a monthly payment, but rather work your best deal based on discount, incentives, and lease values that fits the range you want to pay.

$267 a month is not a great deal on a Civic, but a great deal on a Volvo S60 or Giulia with some fees DAS.

I think you can aim for a better discount of the MSRP. I leased the same car back in Feb and I’m paying $240 with a total of $1,250 DAS. I’m in NJ btw.

What was the MSRP, selling price, incentives applied, the RV and MF used… its hard to tell if it’s a good price point without the details.

An over all cost of $275 for an Accord LX???

Sheesh thats a lot .

I don’t have those details at hand but my cap cost was $20,820

You can remember the cap cost but not the Msrp and selling price?

Idk man, MSRP’s are on the Honda website, do you have access to internet?

The internet doesn’t tell anyone what options and such were added to your vehicle.

You don’t have the lease agreement?

If you don’t call honda financial and they will send one to you.

Was it an LX trim? I wasn’t there when you signed the lease so I do not know any of the details of your specific deal. The website will only tell me generally what each trim msrps for in June of 2020.