2020 Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4 Deal Check

Hi All,

I am a noob here so do not understand all the terminology but I hope to provide as much detail on the offer I received.

My current lease (1st lease) is expiring in October. The vehicle is a 2017 Grand Cherokee Laredo. Not sure if it matters but there is 38,156 miles on it and the allotted lease was 52,250 - so coming in way under.

The dealership is offering me a 2020 GC Limited 4x4 lease. I’m in Northeastern Mass

MSRP: $44,340
“Rebates”: He said given that given the slow nature of business right now they are willing to take ~$11k off the price.
They will cut me a check for $1200 for my remaining lease payments ($400/mo)
Credit is 800+
36 months/ 12k miles per year
Monthly payment is $429 and that includes rolling all taxes/fees into monthly payment

How does this sound for a returning Jeep lessee? Also I am a US Bank employee and that who my current lease is with, he said that rebate is already being factored in.

Please let me know if you need any other information and appreciate the help.

If you’re in MA and have a current JGC lease, I would 100% go w an overland.

Check out the deals I’m offering as an example.

Thanks for getting back to me. How can we connect? Can you send me a personal message so I can give you my contact info?

Sure man! Happy to