2020 GM Bolt Premier Lease in Atlanta (How did I do?)

Just rolled off a Nissan Leaf lease into a brand new loaded 2020 GM Bolt Premier lease yesterday afternoon here in Metro Atlanta.

3 years at 10k/miles per year. $500 to Walk Out the Door and 35 more payments of $166.76/month.

Some of the incentives I believe I qualified for are Customer Cash ($8000) Non GM Lease ($500), GM Card ($1000) plus my own GM Card Earnings rebate ($1116.80). Might be missing another one or two incentives.

How did I do?
Agreed Up Value of Car: $40,402.36
Gross Capitalized Cost: $42,200.55
Cap Cost Reduction: $13,700.04
Adjusted Cap Cost: $28500.51
Residual Value: $23,469.99
Depreciation: $5030.52
Rent Charge: $972.84
Total of Base Scheduled Payments: $6003.36


Very solid for a premier.
Do you have to open the GM card before the purchase to qualify for the $1,000? Or you can do them “simultaneously”?

Not sure… I’ve had a GM card for a long time. Dating back to my College Years.

That’s great for ya. Great deal!
Also does GA offer any state rebate for EVs? It can sweeten the deal even more.

Not anymore… GA State Tax Credit for EV’s expired in mid 2015.

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Great deal! Congrats! Post pictures in Trophy Garage. Not enough Bolts there IMHO

Feeling like I should have applied for a GM card… nice deal!

There is prob $2,500 in dealer cash in there.

I didn’t get the GM Employee / Family pricing… But now that I think about it, I believe I got the next level down from that due to my corporate employer. Forget what they called it. Not sure if the $2500 dealer discount was on top of that corporate discount (or not).

Having a GM credit card automatically qualifies you for 1k incentive? Or is there a certain time period that you need to be a card holder? Can anyone explain further in regards to how you can qualify for it

GM/Capital One periodically give bonus earnings to customers towards the purchase or lease of a vehicle that can be combined with the regular earnings that you already have on the card. They were targeted and varied in the past, but this go around it seems like everyone just got $1000 bonuses. There is a limited window of time to use them (This round expires March 2nd I believe), and you needed to have been a cardholder before the bonus was announced in order to get it.


That makes sense. Great for those that have it makes a good difference on a lease. Thanks for the explanation.

Do you have to actually use the card? Might make sense to have this in the arsenal just in case it helps a future hack…

I would guess that they might target certain bonus offers to more active customers, but I don’t think that you have to use it frequently to get that 1000 bonus this time. The bonus that varied in the past may have been because of usage, they don’t really tell anyone that info.

Hi can you share which dealership you leased your Bolt from ?