2020 Genesis G70 2.0T - Deal Check

Just curious to see how I did. I haven’t signed yet but plan to tomorrow. I got the MF, RV, and Incentives from Edmunds forums. Pulled fair market value from KBB. I gave the dealer a sheet with these numbers from the calculator (see below) after their first offer and they gave me the exact offer I spelled out.

2020 Genesis G70 2.0T AWD w/Elite Package

MSRP: 43350
Selling : 38750

Residual: 47%
MF: .00030

Inentives: 9500

6k Lease Cash
1k holiday bonus cash
1k conquest
1k first responder
500 dealer cash

Monthly Payment :1st Month
DAS: 0


This is probably one of the better G70 deals I’ve seen posted, considering upfront taxes rolled in too, and a beautiful stack of incentives. That poor residual…

There isn’t too much of a baseline for Genesis deals on LH, being a niche brand for “hacking.” I know that some hackers were previously able to get more pre-incentive discount on the 2019 G70’s but it could have been the 3.3 engine IIRC…

Applying some basic leasing fundamentals, this looks like a very strong deal considering the available incentives being applied, slightly above 10% off MSRP, and it’s not a paltry base model. Just confirming that IS the base MF for your region according to Edmunds?


That’s the MF and residual they gave me for my zip - 08083. I was surprised about the residual especially.

I was hunting for one for the better of 9 months. This is the best I’ve ever seen! Nice job.

Brand new or loaner/demo?

Brand new. Maybe 100 miles.

Great deal congrats