2020 Ford Explorer ST 39/15K lease

you shouldn’t put that much down for starters. Couldn’t you buy it for that much with 7k down?


I would never put that money down. They offered $846 0 down…

$846 for a ford? That is a really bad deal.


Tried Audi A6 55 tfsi prestige. They want $1400 with 1st month down. Only few of them in my state. Was only given the audi rebates + loyalty, and no discount. Other dealers don’t even have them, only the base 2.0T (most of them).

Try reaching out to a broker

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Welcome back, dmitry. You’ve been on here long enough to know what’s needed for a good deal, where are you getting quotes from? Maryland?

What’s the break out of the discount on the Explorer? RV? MF?

You said you were looking at the A6 and now a three row SUV, what exactly are your needs? Those are two very different segments and vehicles.

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This was from local MD Ford dealer. Yeah, they are both different, but both V6 3.0T and both fun to drive. So I figured why not try SUV’s as well, since Audi was quoted $1400.

Want to see what others are getting on these ST’s.

Why not get an x5 for that money? $850 for a Ford Explorer is insanity

My friend works for BMW, he can get me $730 on a loaner X5 40i, but I don’t like BMW that much. It would be the last option I would consider, yet it does look much more decent than the Ford at this price point.

In that case Lincoln aviator.

I will look into a SQ5 P+, and see if that can be done under 700.

I thought you were banned until like the year 3000.


For someone else who might find this thread, the Explorer ST does NOT lease well, these are front-and-back gross :cow2: for Ford dealers. There are other trims that lease well, not this one.


Shouldn’t he stick to whatever brand he has a raging hard on for? Nissan was it?

Your thought direction has led you the wrong way😁

What’s your issue with Nissan?

Where should I start?

Nissan HQ on Google Earth:



Ok lol

Not intending this to devolve into a Nissan-suckfest.

We can address your original intent, are you able to get the full numbers for the Explorer lease above? I get the impression you’re just shopping monthly payment as you continue to jump around different segments.

I’m guessing you’re looking for “prestige,” “luxury,” and “performance” within your budgetary constraints. That’s fair, but I do not think you’re going to get any of those with the Ford Explorer ST. I do not think the Explorer ST is “fun” to drive and the car reviews I’ve read seem to support that.

If you’re accepting of an 800 a month payment, would you consider a Macan Sport or base Macan with the Sport Chrono package? There’s far more prestige and performance in the Porsche brand of cars.

If you’re goal is to stay well below 700 a month, have you considered an S5 Sportback? My impression of your desires does not seem to relegated only to crossovers as you quoted out an A6.

Do you have any negative equity you’re rolling in? It seems unrealistic to me that any A6 would be above 1400 without fully marked up RV, all add-ons, marked-up MSRP, and negative equity.


No negative.

I think I will look at SQ5.

A6 was Presitge 82K MSRP. He never showed me MF breakdown, so I can tell it was weird. I didn’t bother with that deal.