2020 Ford Explorer Limited

Here is the deal I’ve been presented for a 2020 Ford Explorer Limited with A-plan, 36/10.5k

MSRP: $53,515
Selling Price: $49,468.40
Acquisition: $645
RV: 57%
Residual: $30,503.55
Cap Cost Reduction: $4k
Adjusted Cap Cost: $46,113.40
Depreciation: $15,609.85
Rent/Lease Charge: $1760.51
Base Payment: $17,370.36
Tax Rate: 9%
Base Monthly Payment: $482.51
Tax: $43.43

Total Monthly: $525.94

DOC: $75
Lien/Filing: $26
Tire: $5
Electronic/Online: $16.97
Transfer: $9
First Payment: $525.94

Due at signing: $712.91

Wow. That is actually much better than I expected. If you are set on an Explorer, I say go for it


Where are you located?


I would disagree… unless one is dead set on an Explorer I would look at competing vehicles.

Ok, for $485/mo which 3 row, rwd architecture SUV would you recommend?

I am not currently in the market but if I were, I would start with the Marketplace and Shared Deals sections here.

Everyone’s choices are obviously going to depend on whether they prioritize interior space (Atlas, Traverse, possibly Enclave which is on the same platform but I’m not sure if it’s as spacious); lots of features and upscale cabin (Palisade); better driving experience (X5 which is more expensive obviously or possibly MDX) or subjectively better looks (XC90…again, a bit more expensive than the Explorer but I would pay the premium over an Explorer); YMMV.

we were between the Subaru Ascent and the Explorer and the Ascent with a lesser MSRP had a higher monthly.

You should be able to get the Ascent for less

best were getting from a 2020 Ascent Touring was $535 a month, MSRP around $48k, about $4-5k off for sales price.

Search the forum to find the best discount people got off the sales price

Then plug into the calculator using current month’s RV, MF, etc.

I work for Subaru, service, the ascents are garbage. They spend a lot of time in the shop. We have an 18 explorer for 15 months now, been great.

Are you really concerned about the driving dynamics? I get it’s on a new rwd platform but I’d rather have the XC90.

Completely different vehicle and good luck getting a nicely optioned xc90 for that price. The new explorer is pretty nice and has some great power train options and drives really nice. Plus it looks cool. Xc90 is a great car but it’s not for everybody

I am looking at the Explorer XLT right now. Upgraded with 202a package, moonroof, 20inch wheels, comfort and safety package. MSRP is 46,410 but I have been quoted a lease of $382 with 4,000 down. I feel like it’s pretty good but would love thoughts here. I am in Los Angeles area.

The Telluride is leasing/selling at a premium right now but no other SUV with these features seems to be this good of a deal.

Thoughts? Thank you!

Palisade is comparably equipped and can be had for a good bit cheaper than a telluride.

Which is “this”? The Explorer deal? What’s so great about that?

The actual Lease deal for the Explorer is solid as it’s coming in much lower than the MSRP and has all the key features I was looking for. I have also test drove all of them and it seems the reviews did not truly detail the pros and cons of the Explorer. So I am leaning towards that. I have had a friends and family code for Ford and the dealer is coming in under that.

For me it between the Telluride and Explorer from a visual perspective. I am not a fan personally of how the Palisade looks on the outside.

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Ok…what’s included in that 4000 down? Eitherway, this is a horrible deal. Assuming this a 36 month lease, that makes your effective payment a just shy of $500 a month. Explorers don’t lease well so if this is the vehicle you really want then go for it but it’s pretty rare to find a good deal on one, let alone a Leasehackr worthy one. Much better vehicles out there for that price.