2020 Enclave Essence Lease


Well so much for that. Dealer messaged me this AM saying we lost $2500 on the deal as rebates went from conquest to loyalty. I currently don’t own a GM vehicle.

Sorry for the false alarm. Brutal time to be car shopping right now, at least in AZ.

Have them check that… I believe @chevysalesgirl mentioned something to the effect of Conquest and Loyalty being combined into just “Lease Loyalty” now… Any lease.

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“Lease Vehicle” Says nothing about brand of lease. I believe it would just have to be any lease in the household.

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Thanks! I went back to the dealer & asked them to double check the rebate eligibility again. I’ll let you know what they say. That offer sheet is from after 4/8 so not sure why they now think the incentives have changed.

Well do you have a lease in the household? Or is the car owned/financed? They may have just misunderstood the rebate if you have a lease. It’s not worded particularly artfully.

Yea my wife currently leases a Lincoln. Here’s there not too friendly response when I asked them to double check eligibility:

“Yes, I have never heard of that company and most 3rd party companies are wrong with their info or do not keep up with the changing rebates from the factories.

The 2500 is for lease loyalty so you have to have a current GM lease, when we figured the deal up earlier in the month, we had 3400 in conquest lease which was the leases of non GM.”

I guess that answers that - the hunt continues! Thanks for the help!

I mean this is right from Buick’s current lease offer disclosure, not a “third party with the wrong info”

I don’t know what that dealer is smoking. GMF is not third party, shoot the dealer is more of a third party in this case. Might be time to move on.

Yea I’m going to move on. Just frustrating. If anyone catches wind of good lease terms on a mid-size SUV please let me know.

Thanks so much for all the help!

Not sure if it’d be possible in Arizona, but I Found it relatively easy to get around/under that number on a Subaru Ascent Limited in Seattle last month. Numbers haven’t changed as far as I know for this month.

Below is the LH calculator for the best deal I had negotiated. This was in a Limited 7 passenger MSRP 41317 I think. Could probably do a Premium for 360 or so if you don’t value leather and a couple of the other limited options.

Thanks dabeags! I’ll check it out!

No problem! My deal includes a 1,000 dollar coupon you can get and apply to any deal from Building an Ascent on the website and then filling out a dealer contact us form. As far as I know you can still get it, they extended mine out until June 30th

I finally pulled the trigger on an Enclave. 39mo/39k miles lease for $469.98/mo with $0 drive off. $49,960 MSRP. Do dealerships always charge a lease acquisition fee($650 in this case)? Hope I did ok!! Thanks for everyone’s help and input! image|666x500

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Yes, the bank does on the vast majority of leases

Ah ok thanks that makes me feel a bit better.

Sounds pretty good as long as you are OK with the final 3 months/3k miles out of warranty. By that time you’ll hopefully have pull ahead if you want to get out of it. Enjoy the car! I still can’t believe that other dealer wound up losing the sale over not being able to understand the rebate programs. As for the bank fee, that’s something that everyone pays on a GM lease, it’s standard.

Ah I didn’t even think of the warranty. Sales manager just said the residuals were better at 39 vs 36. He also repeatedly told us how much he was losing on this deal which was reassuring haha