2020 Enclave Essence Lease


Hi! Can anyone let me know if this is a good deal on a ‘20 Buick Enclave Essence?

They claim it’s $403/mo inc all taxes & fees with $1k + first payment DAS on 36 mo/36k miles. I reached out to most every Buick dealer here in AZ & no one could touch this offer so I’m a bit leery. Offer sheet below.

Thanks in advance for any help here!

That’s a poor discount before incentives. Did you check with Edmunds to confirm base MF? I wouldn’t put anything up front in this case (1400 cap reduction in this case).

Thanks Sam! I hadn’t checked MF but I’ll post on Edmunds to confirm it now. Alternatively he said I could pay $432/mo with just first payment DAS which would reduce the cap reduction by close to $1k. I dont think this is THAT good of a deal but again other dealers wouldn’t even come close to this number & said it’s likely too good to be true.

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Out of curiosity - what sort of discount off MSRP should I target with a car like this? Thanks!

What’s your tax rate? Looks like 8.1%? I think that it should look something like this as a true zero down, zero due at signing lease:

Buick and GMC are usually at bottom around 10% off sticker before incentives. So this isn’t a bad deal by any means if you like the car. The money factor is not marked up, so that’s a good thing. As of now you MIGHT be leaving $1,000 dollars on the table, or I guess more accurately putting $1,000 dollars on their table. I’d counter with $432, true sign and drive, zero down, zero due at signing and see what they say. It’s hard to predict how dealers will behave at the moment, and I believe that GM may have changed their dealer business model lately, which may have affected how aggressive they will be. This is what it would look like at 10% off:

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I would target 10-11% off preincentives off this car, compared to what prices we have seen in the past. It might be worth searching for dealers a little farther out, if no dealers are willing to go below this. It’s not a horrible deal as is.

Lol, took the words right outta my mouth!

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I’m curious where the $3500 in rebates is coming from. I used a Phoenix AZ zip and I see $2,500 in loyalty for leases, and a $4,500 cash allowance for purchases only. They may already be adding another $1,000 in dealer cash to this unless I’m missing something.

The dealer claims he has one remaining $1k “coupon”. Not sure if that’s true or not.

As it’s structured now am I paying first mo the payment at signing then 35 additional payments? What’s the advantage of a true sign n drive if I’m ultimately making the same 36 payments of $432?

I live in Phoenix and reached out to literally every Buick dealer between Flagstaff & Tucson but maybe it’s time to expand the search to include California though buying a car out of state might complicate things.

I’ve been working to get lease quotes on other vehicles as well & the quotes are sky high. Certainly think some manufacturers/dealers are moving to max profit per unit model unfortunately with the volume incentives clearly unattainable.

Thanks for all the help guys. I really appreciate it.

I’ve been shopping GM hard for about 6 months in a 500+ mile radius (atleast 12 dealers) and not one would come close to 10-11% off before incentives. Maybe 5-7.5% TOPS. If any of them got to 10 or 11 I’d be driving one.
Are they being more aggressive during the pandemic??

I get the sense they’re being less aggressive during this pandemic my Buick Enclave offer not withstanding but what do I know!

Well a true sign and drive would be 35 payments total instead of 36 total. Lower total cost. If you’re comfortable putting down the taxes and fees that’s another way to go about it so you don’t pay interest on them. If you want to try to push for that extra 1.5% off or so it’s up to you. But as you presented it appears to be a pretty solid deal for that particular car right now.

If he’s telling the truth about having limited dealer cash left then you risk someone else getting it as well, which would kill the deal altogether for that price. Gotta consider that too.

Thanks ElectricEliminator! I’ll try for the true sign n drive. Worst they can do is say no. I appreciate the help!

Have you made sure you don’t have access to supplier pricing through your employer or spouse, with that, you can get 10% off pretty easily

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I did check - unfortunately neither me or my wife’s employer qualifies for supplier pricing. Thanks though!

Not to get too personal, but anyone in school? Teacher? First Responder? I believe medical professionals count towards that too right now.

Not personal at all but no teachers, students or first responders either. Whoa is me. Reached to a few dealers in SoCal - we’ll see if they can drum up anything better. Thanks again!

It might just be the area you’re in. We have seen discounts of 10-11% but it’s certainly possible that that’s not a deal you might be able to get locally.

For the OP a sign and drive of 430 might be all you can get. Again, in line with past prices at most you might be able to get is another 1k off.