2020 E350 36/10 Lease - NYC

Hello Hackrs,

Want your opinion on the below car.

Custom built to spec 2020 E350 4 Matic
MSRP $66,175
Sale Price $59,500
Residual Value - 57%
MF - .00088

$2,000 Down
$760 per month for a 36/10 lease


Not great. There are very big discounts on the E350. I think you can get 15% off (or better) if you keep shopping around. It’s also a bit early in the month still. I would approach after Christmas at this point, unless the car you want is a difficult option build to find and you found it. Keep in mind that the E Class hasn’t been redesigned in quite a few years…it’s not hard to get a discount on a 2020 this time of year if you are willing to put in the work.

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Try 24/10k with 10MSD, and ask if you have fleet

Thank you for the quick reply! I will see if they are willing to do this route.

Couldn’t find it with the options my father wanted so I found a dealer that was willing to build with no money up front. I will try to get it down a bit as they are now stuck with it if we walk.

What are the options you are looking for? You lose a lot of pricing lower if you ask for a specific order.