2020 Dodge Charger Scatpack Lease (help me with numbers)

I am new to leasing what MF, residual, and lease or loyalty credits ( if any) should i be looking for on a 2020 Dodge charger scatpack and the trim model doesn’t matter, ( r/t 392, scatpack 392, srt 392, daytona 392, etc)

Most of us go to the edmunds forum for that information. I will tell you that out of the gate, performance Chargers do not lease well. You’ll be better suited to purchase, use, and sell.

Also, I would surprised if there was even lease support for ‘20’s; we are almost into 2022.

Rather than watch a YouTube video that says to copy and paste that same form letter here and then ignores the answer that was given, spend some time reading through the leasing 101 here. You’ll end up far better off.

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