2020 Discovery Sport S Lease Check

Any thoughts on this lease offer for a 2020 discovery loaner for a 36/12 lease? I know these lease TERRIBLY as a general rule so i’m thinking this isn’t too bad?

its a 0 down lease everything DAS is either taxes or dealer fees or tag or first month payment.

Base MF is .00084 but dealer is telling me that bc this is a loaner, they are increasing to .001. is there any truth to that? i told them i didn’t think this was the case as BMW for example doesn’t do this but RR might.

They’re likely bumping the MF to make a little more profit, which is fine if you get an aggressive discount. What are the non tax fees?

should i be aiming for more of a discount? i’m at just over 20% now.

$717 Dealer Doc Fee
$99 Filing Fee
$895 Acquisition Fee
$195 Florida Tag/Title Fee
$362 First Payment

any other thoughts on this? especially pertaining to the bumped up MF bc of loaner status? not sure if any LR/RR experts can testify if that’s actually something all dealers do…

Loaner or new, dealers have the right to bump the MF. You have the right, as the consumer, to take it or leave it.

Do you have a target price you’re trying to achieve in the end? If so, how far away are you? What will it take to get there? Will buy rate get you there? Will reducing the sale price by $500 get you there? If not, how much?

Also, did you verify when programs change for this car, or, had they just changed when you got the quote?

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well, target is low 300s so if they effectively use the base MF, then it would be in my price range. definitely not 362 though. they won’t discount the car more.

i have written on edmunds re: new programs for june, lets see what they say.

Right-See what happens in June.

But, who knows-You may need to start completely over if they wont go this deep on the sale price any longer.

If you’re $20-30/Month away, just offer what you want. You dont need to fight them for buy rate. If you’re close, just tell them where you need to be, and have them decide if they want to close it or not. It doesn’t matter how they manipulate the numbers as long as they get to your target from doing the research you did.


dealer came down to $340, with a downpayment 2268. Looks like they are still bumping up the MF by around 0.00066, which seems significant in my mind, considering base is .00084.

their discount is quite aggressive, at around 22.3%… one of the higher ones ive seen, but im still not satisfied…

countered at 310, which is slightly more than what the base MF would get me. lets see if they take it. if i dont get the deal, its fine… plenty of other LR Discovery Sports …

9k off is disgusting on a Disco Sport. People need to remember Jaguar Land Rover ≠ BMW

are you saying its too little? this is a loaner with like 3k miles, give or take. MSRP is 43.9, sales price is 34.2. I do not believe there are any rebates. i think a fair price is 305-310 per month, only first payment down (+reg/title/dealer fees etc).

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He’s saying it’s a big discount cos JLR doesn’t incentivize moving units like BMW does


How did you determine that price as your target price?

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@mllcb42 this is what the calc spits out… this is what i want to pay. i am okay with a 10 dollar difference or so, but 340 is too far off.

What are you basing 22% pre-incentive at buy rate on as a target price?

is it unreasonable for me to ask for buy rate at this level of discount? if it is maybe i need to level set. it’s a loaner, with nearly 3,000 miles, which is why i thought i had more leeway.

You’re at a huge discount for a jlr. Calculate out what the marked up MF is adding and subtract it from the discount and that should help you compare. I think you’ll find that you’re already at a very aggressive deal.

Whatever discount and MF you settle at, structure the final deal as just first payment and DMV fee DAS, not more than that.

Don’t forget to adjust rv for mileage.

thanks. it’s adjusted. non loaner MF is 60%. ive decided that if they can come down to even maybe 320 i’d be inclined to take it.

what is your guys’ experience with RR, wear and tear and also service costs? dealership told me around 600 a year in service costs. currently leasing a BMW and those are included, not sure how much they’d be on a LR.

i dont know whether buying wear and tear ahead of time is worth it.

I had an evoque for a few years and service on it was totally reasonable, but I never needed anything outside of standard oil changes