2020 CLA 250 Loaner Lease Deal Check

Hi guys,

I wanted to know what do you guys think about the deal below:

2020 CLA 250 Loaner with 2000 mi
MSRP: $41,440
Selling for: $35,888
36 months lease
10,000 miles per year
58% residual
MF: 0.00069
MSDs: $3,600
MF after rate reduction: 0.00006
Total out of pocket $5,283.09 (includes 1st payment waiver)
Monthly payment of $358.64 with tax

Thank you!

Some of these don’t match what the sheet is saying…

MSDs are listed as $3600, not $4600. That means you’re putting $1683 towards the lease up front, not $683.

Also, your post MSD mf is missing a 0.

Did you confirm $0 in incentives?

This is the initial quote I’ve received. The dealer sheets pictures in the post contains the accurate numbers. MSD is $3600 as stated “Security Deposit.”

Currently, it doesn’t seem like I have any qualified incentives.

Is this a valid deal?

That’s my point… the dealer quote and what you wrote don’t match. The dealer quote is a better deal than what you wrote.

If you’ve independently confirmed mf before MSDs and the lack of incentives with edmunds, this doesn’t look too bad.

Forget the CLA even exists and find a better car.

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