2020 Chevy Equinox AWD LT Help

Hello, I’m beginning my research into leasing my first car. Honestly I’m very confused about what’s a good deal for this car. I can provide some more information as needed but here’s the basics of the car I’m looking at.

2020 Equinox AWD LT w/confidence and convenience package
MSRP: 32,340
Selling price: 26,635
Documentation fees: 315
Registration: 300
Tax: 7%

I’m just trying to get an idea of what MF and residual value would be ideal. I can call a few dealers and see what they tell me but those numbers mean nothing to me since I don’t know what would be good or bad. I’ll reply with what information I can get in regards to the MF and RV. Is there anything else I should ask them?

Thank you to anyone that replies!

You don’t negotiate RV and MF. Those are set by the bank.

You also need to separate discount from rebates.

Start here;