2020 Chevy Bolt Premier Lease Deal Check

2020 Chevy Bolt Premier
36 months, 15000 miles / year

MSRP: $44,480.00
Selling Price: $43,071.00
Cash Down: $3,000
Net Cap Cost: $31,571.00
Residual: 50%
MF: .00053
Incentives $8,500
Monthly Payment: $330.31

Can you let me know if this is a good deal? I am finding it very difficult to find Bolt Premier vehicles in stock in North CA/Bay Area. Is it the same for everyone?

The deals won’t be as good as last month. I think you can get more off MSRP. Aim for at least 10-12% off MSRP before any incentives or rebates. Do not put any cash down on a lease. It’s not a great idea and you lose it all in the event of a total loss accident. $330 is high. Aim for $250/month.

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Yes. Don’t put money down.

When you say down payment do you mean drive off ?

No, it’s not the drive off. Drive off will included first month’s payment.

In any case, looks like this is not a good deal. Won’t accept it.

Also, since the inventory is so less in CA (N) and Bay Area in particular, there is little to no room for negotiation. Don’t see anyone posting good deals in February around this region.

Overall, it does not look like a good value for Bolt anymore. Maybe it’s better to look for another car. Any thoughts?

Try to see if you can get a lease transfer from someone who got a good deal

Feb. is horrible for Bolt compare to Jan.
What are you looking for as a car? HOV sticker?

Basically I am looking for an EV with good range around 250 miles. Currently I am leasing a Nissan Leaf (2017) model and the range is pathetic. The 2020 models have better range but price is also high and the car in general is not very good compared to other brands like chevy, kia, hyundai.

And HOV sticker is a big bonus here in Bay Area.

Currently the best 200+ mile ev lease is the Bolt…if you can wait for next month i would do that, otherwise expand your shopping radius to include SoCal.

The problem currently is not with the incentives. They are good but the inventory is so low and dealerships around here that I enquired are saying they are getting 5-6 cars in the next 2-3 weeks, which is not much compared to the demand.

And GM might not provide additional incentives going by the demand especially in CA(N). But with less supply, really not sure of getting a decent deal. But who knows, I might be wrong and I wish I am wrong.

Same problem I have with leasing Bolt in the Bay Area. All dealers with limited inventory are not willing to negotiate a penny due to a very limited inventory. The inventory is as limited in SoCal. I considered BMW i3 too but same problem.

I think it’s the best to wait for next month… This month’s incentive is $4400 lower than last month in bay area.