2020 Chevy Bolt Premier Deal Check

2020 Chevy Bolt Premier
36 months, 10000 miles / year

MSRP: $44,175.00
Selling Price: $42,992.5
Cash Down: $1115.59
Net Cap Cost: $36,485.80
Residual: 53%
MF: .00083
Incentives $7,750
Monthly Payment: $443.47

I am new to leasing, but from what I understand this is a pretty bad deal? Should I try to negotiate a lower selling price (closer to $35K) and also not put any cash down?


You might have missed the boat on a Bolt deal. I got one a couple weeks ago and it was allot less. The lease cash is down and it appears the $2500 dealer cash might have went away. These were doable at under $200 last month(for an LT). That quote is pretty awful, marked up MF and not enough discount. Get more quotes, I got about 5 until I found 2 dealers willing to play ball.

Thanks @joeblogs!

What’s a reasonable discount, 10 - 15%?

Also, can you tell me how I can find the non-marked-up money factor?

The MF this month should be 0.00053 for Premier, and 0.00051 for LT.
Usually we don’t like to put cash down. and right now it’s hard to do pricing since you missed the last month’s incentives. 10% is very hard already consider there’s no $2500 dealer cash this month.

Thanks! I will counter with 10% off MSRP, no cash down, and a MF of 0.00053.

I got 10% but that’s in part because my wife is a teacher and we qualify for supplier. The conquest cash is still out there from what I understand and gm card gets you a $1000. I feel like the stars were lined up last month.

If you want to ship from Michigan my contact might be able to get you a better price. Pm if you do.

What a difference a month makes…

OP, shoot for 10% off before incentives and base money factor. Should sweeten the deal some.

OK, the dealer responded and said they could reduce the MF to 0.00053 but that the 2.68% discount from MSRP to the selling price was the best they could do.

That made me question my understanding of how this works. In requesting a 10% discount from MSRP to the selling price, am I requesting a selling price that is under the invoice price for this dealer?

How many dealers have you spoke to? If this is stevinson I wouldn’t bother, I’m going to PM the dealers that I had good luck with.

I’ve only spoken to one so far (which is not Stevinson).

Just PM’d you.

I’d be interested