2020 Camry Hybrid SE

Camry SE Hybrid:
Msrp 33,900
Cap cost 31118
Mf .000870
399.13 pre tax
437 inc tax.
36mo, 10k /yr
$990 drive off

Thoughts? Possible to get better numbers on a hybrid camry se?

Have you done the math on the gas savings vs leasing a non hybrid Camry. Usually doesn’t make sense to lease a hybrid. At $437 you could lease a much nicer car, a luxury brand even.


In fact, you’re not far off at all from a ‘19 530e depending on your drive offs.

Not a good deal at all.

Did you tell them you wanted to be under $400?


Ridiculous. First off that’s a completely overpriced hybrid camry and secondly You’ll never recoup the cost of saving money buying a hybrid vs the regular camry SE when buying gas. Makes absolutely zero sense to lease a hybrid knowing that it takes years before you make back the difference. People will debate this all day long but you will not save money buying a hybrid and leasing it for 3 years.


Thanks for the input everyone!

No, I told them the buy rate MF and worked from there