2020 Cadillac CT5 PLux question

Hi All,
I am searching for a 2020 CT5 with a lease term of 36/12 preferably, but can do 36/10. The MF is .00006, RV is 48% and incentives are $1,500 in NY. My question is, How much % off the MSRP should I be shooting for realistically? I never have negotiated with Cadillac so I am unfamiliar of how they lease or if they even lease decently( That RV will work against me ). It’s a car for my father, any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Does anyone have any idea about this? Any input would be appreciated,

At that residual and with the lack of incentives makes this car unleaseable. I wouldn’t waste your time as the cost will be too high.

Well, without even negotiating much at all I got a 2k DAS and a 415/month quote. I don’t know the full breakdown or what % off MSRP to shoot for so I didn’t even try to negotiate yet. But, I was thinking If they came off the bat with that number I’m sure there’s room to get that lower.

Do you know the normal/average % off MSRP Cadillac usually gives?

For what MSRP? Does that include sales tax? What state/rate?

48k MSRP - It includes everything upfront

NY - Long Island.

I just don’t know if I can push for 12-15%+ off a CT5. Not familiar with Caddy.

Here are the incentives I see:

$1,500 Lease conquest
$1,000 Lease cash
$1,500 Caddy lease loyalty

Do you qualify for conquest or loyalty? That would be on top of the $1,000 lease cash.
Also need to get a break down from the dealer how they get to their numbers.

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Can you correct my calculator with what you know? Looks like you are getting 14% off msrp if I you are getting $1000 + $1500 incentives.