2020 C300 Lease Buyout Question

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Call MBFS, they own the car. Not the dealer.

we bought out my wife’s 2019 c300 last feb. None of that is required, You should call that guy a s-bag to his face and leave. We dealt straight with mbfs and was very pleased. Painless and simple. The rates are a lot higher now (I’m learning that as I try to buy out my Yukon lease), but process should still be the same as I dealt with last year

Just send the check to MBFS

So it looks like I don’t have to work with dealership to buyout. But the interest rate seems very high lol The person said it can range anywhere between 7.34-9.x%.

Who is “the person?”

The person from mbfs.

You don’t have to borrow from MBFS. You can search the APR/financing thread for banks and credit unions who provide auto loans.

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Are you sure you didn’t misunderstand the dealer you spoke with? CPO , tire/break change and inspection are for them to resell the car. So, they would try to discount your trade-in value, by saying “Vroom offers you X” or “these cars are retailed for Y, but we have to mount new tires, change the breaks and inspect the car to make it CPO and resell, and this will cost us Z dollars, which we have to deduct from what Vroom/Carmax/JoeBuysWholesale offer you”. This would only matter if you were to get a new car from them and wanted to trade yours. Otherwise, dealer has nothing to do with lease end. You call MBFS and have the car inspected, if it doesn’t have anything other than normal wear and tear, you pay disposition fee and get rid of it. Alternatively, you go to MBFS website, open your account portal page and click on Payoff tab, which will say how much you can buy your lease for, no questions asked, no inspection done. Simple as that. It boils down to what your parents want, if they want to keep the car past warranty and deal with expensive repairs (these cars tend to break after warranty expires and cost fortune to repair). If the market value is far above the buyout (which I doubt it is), then they can pay cash/finance and put the car on sale. They have to make a decision based on individual circumstances and priorities and current market conditions on it.