2020 Bolt - Deal Review

It does burn outs real easily

Well you can definitely chirp your tires pretty easily if you are hard on the throttle, but could you even do a burnout in this without seriously messing something up? Not that I’m planning anything dumb, New tires would change the value proposition I have fairly quickly.

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The best thing about it is how cheap it is to operate. My monthly commute of 1000 miles costs me about $8, if work installs a level 2 charger(or 220 outlet) I won’t even need to charge it at home.

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I’ve got access to a 220v outlet at the train station, I just need to see what type of equipment is needed to make it work, either an adapter or a new portable charger. But that might be overkill for most applications since my general usage pattern won’t need tons of charging. 110v should be fine once or twice a week for the 11 hours or so it will be parked, at no additional cost to me.

Not sure if NJ has something similar, but the electric company here does “super time of day” if you have an EV. Drops the rates to ~6 cents/kw from 11pm-5am. I have never paid more than $25 a month to charge ~1000 miles in the last 5 years charging only at home only during these hours. Hope you are enjoying it!

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I looked into it briefly, and from what the rep on the phone told me I was already getting their lowest base rate, and if I changed the plan my bill may go up from the higher rate during the day, but I may revisit it again.

~6 cents/kw!? that’s so cheap! My local electric company charge us ~17 cents/kw on our “Super time of day” so from dead to full it’s around $17 for me. still lot cheaper than patrol engine!

17 cents?? Wow, that is so high. My highest off peak rate in the dead heat of summer is 24 cents/kw. Super time of day right now is actually 5.75 cents/kw, but goes up to 6.14 cents/kw in the summer.

How does this deal look for premier fully loaded

  1. MSRP 43735
  2. Selling price 34085 (dealer 1500 rebate)
  3. Gross cap cost of the car 36007
  4. Incentives 9650
  5. Money Factor (MF) .00152
  6. Residual (in %) 53
  7. Term of your lease (months) 36
  8. Mileage allotment 10k)

446 a month and 1922 in fees

Northern California



That quote needs some work. I know supply is low, but shoot for 8-10% off MSRP BEFORE the incentives are applied. They are also marking up the money factor on you.

I’ll suggest wait for March incentives

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It’s definitely possible that GM might be making one “last hurrah” push for March on these before the last of the Federal incentive goes away. Or they might just take what they can get assuming that they will need to throw more cash on the hood themselves in April and beyond.

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Here is the March national lease deal. Which dealerships are offering it?

Chevrolet National Lease Offer
Ultra Low-Mileage Lease for Qualified Lessees.
for 36 months.
For Everyone: $3,259 due at signing (after all offers).*
$0 security deposit.
For Current Lessees of 2015 model year or newer select GM vehicles:
$2,759 due at signing (after all offers).**
$0 security deposit.
Tax, title, license, and dealer fees extra.
Mileage charge of $0.25/mile over 30,000 miles at participating dealers.

You read some of the posted deals here this past month… And you want the national deal?

Not quite, should be over $44k for that

Not even close, more like 380/450 month now, a lot of dealerships got a break after the January Bolt fire sale, now that I reply with questions about the Bolt Lease, basic stuff I learned here, they don’t even bother to reply… Even sellers that are in the forums are too good for my money now👎

I guess they are selling a bunch of them and don’t need us.

Looks like , incentives did not change for March, at least for NJ
7750 for Premier and 6750 for LT