2020 bmw x5 lease?

Hi hackers. This is my first post but wanted to see how my lease went with a broker.

  1. MRSP: $69,070
  2. 12k/36k miles
  3. Initial Gross Capitalized Cost: $62,130.48
  4. DAS: 2000
  5. 7 MSD: $5600
  6. Monthly payment WITH tax (california) totals $825.
  7. Loyalty does not apply

Thank you for reading the post :slight_smile:

I would talk to Gor at @legendsauto. He will be able to beat that deal for you and they offer an exceptional service.

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BMW of Murietta @BMW_Dave is also really good in Cali.

Thanks for the tag Ed

@samuelchoi Text me 424-278-8216

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Congrats on the first post … and more importantly congrats on the new car.

A few more pieces of info and we can answer your question:

X5 - which model?

What MF was used in your deal and what is the buy rate MF (can get from Edmunds). Any MF markup?

You took advantage of MSDs - very nice.
How much lease cash did BMW give you in your deal (varies by model)?

How much discount from invoice did the dealer give you. It looks like (adjust if necessary):
MSRP $69,070
Selling Price before any incentives $62,130.48
Pre-Incentive Discount 10.1% - thank your broker, nicely done.