2020 BMW X5 deal check

MSRP - $71,xxx
Discount - 10% pre-incentive
Sell price - $64,xxx
MF - .00118
RV - 53%
incentives - broker is saying $1,750 but edmunds told me $2,000 so I’m trying to clear this up. I’m plugging in $2k
Tax - NV 8.1% I believe
Monthly payment - $793 pre tax $857 after
Drive-Off: $2,919

  • First Month Payment: $857
  • Down Payment: $100
  • Upfront Fees: $1,710
  • Upfront Taxes: $252

I’ve been working with a broker I found on this site who has been very helpful and patient with me. New May incentives could be a big game changer. BMW is allegedly offering 2 months payment credit up to $750 for the x5. This would save me an additional $1,500. I also am waiting for my pen fed. I signed up on 3/30 and have not received my $500 offer so I did not include in yet but I think I might hold off for 2-3 weeks til I get the code. I just don’t want to lose this car.

Keep in mind this is a specific car that I selected and asked him to work his magic on. Car has everything I want so I know it won’t be a unicorn but I think this deal is pretty decent. Broker said that 10% off plus base MF is very aggresive right now. Thoughts before I proceed?

Car is in so cal.

Pretty sure PenFed has a 60 day period before those incentives will show up as active in your profile / account. A few threads on the subject.

Correct. I’m on day 33 and the website says 60 days. Many have reported getting the code sometime between 30-60 days.

10% off MSRP with base money factor for a Cali BMW dealer is strong. Remember that their doc fees are $85, while East coast is $699.

You should sign this deal.

Not sure if this is the right section but I searched and can’t find any topics. Picking up my 2020 BMW X5 tomorrow, still have to deal with finance. Do I buy or considering buying anything from these guys? I’m thinking no but I want to check here. What about Gap coverage? I’ve also heard sometimes gap comes included in the deal already.

I’ve purchased CPO before but this is my first lease.

I would recommend literally nothing except ultimate care + if you plan on transferring out of this lease at any point

Definitely look up what UltimateCare+ covers and see if it works for you. Also, are you comfortable taking care of stuff yourself, or would you buy ‘peace of mind’? Knowing that it will cost $$$ and is usually a dealership money maker. F&I usually tries to sell you extended warranties, road hazard protection, windshield replacement, excess wear/tear… or they just have you on your way without pitching anything :slight_smile: YMMV good luck!