2020 BMW X3M Donington Grey $839/Month Tax incld 1250 miles per month for 34 months . DAS $0 BMW ULTIMATE CARE+ INCLUDED


Wow thats Crazy . But this is great info i really appreciate it and thanks for clearing out the value in the deal. Love this Community


Ah my friend had a bad experience once (not on this forum)- Some random person tracked her home (vehicle registration) address using the VIN. More of invasion of privacy than anything.


Two best details on this car, which can be seen on your photo: red start button and ///M color steering wheel leather stitching.

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The donington color is sweet! Glwt!

On a side note

Mom’s are hard to shop for, went through the following;

Navigator (too big)
530i (too slow)
X3 m40 (small again, x3m wasn’t out then but she test drove one recently for the heck of it and was not having it with the competition suspension… roads are rough here)

I feel your pain.


haha Someone understand my pain .What did she end up getting?

Right now she’s rotating between an e55 amg, a f150 platinum, and her favorite an '05 pilot.

After test drives and Shopping we have narrowed it down to the m550, 7 series or x5.

2/3 suck for leases atm so 7 series hunting it is.

The car she drove with the least complaints ever was a 720s.

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Can she keep it in Comfort all the time and/or program the custom mode for the least acceleration?

I’d hate to see you end up needing an incentive after hardly driving it

Hahha I’m sure she had no issues with the 720s lol but 7 series is the way to go

That’s exactly what she’s doing right now . So I’m not in a hurry but would love to get my hands off it

Price dropped to $839 a month $0 Das