2020 BMW X3 M40i loaner


In looking at a lease for a 2020 X3 M40i loaner with 4420 miles, how much of a discount off the list of $59,525 should I look for.

You need to search the forum and learn how leasing works first.

You need To learn

How to calculate residual
Money factor
Sale price
Leasehackr calculator


I have all of that information. I was just looking to find out in the current climate how much of a discount can I expect, or is this not the forum to ask that type of question.

Go search the forums for past X3 M40i loaners. You also need to separate out the discount from incentives.

Discount means nothing if you aren’t at the base MF.

Eh disagree. i paid marked up MF on cars because discount was so sweet. I have 2 BMWs at 0.00228 but no one here would believe the payment.

I see x3’s 15% off or greater (before rebates) for a decent deal.

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There’s nothing wrong with playing marked up mf if you have an appropriately increased discount, however, you can’t accurately compare discount amounts between deals with and without marked up mf. One should always normalize the discount amount for the mf mark up to compare deals.

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Yes thats what i was getting at. You need to look at it holistically.

Sale price on my 530i was lower than residual but had marked up MF. I didnt complain

This is a great resource to search through for answers. You’ll find that many here prefer to assist people navigate through the data rather than spoonfeed answers to new people that rarely take the time to do any searching themselves.

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That’s my issue. OP is asking what discount he should ask for without disclosing other details such as MF

In some ways, that question has been answered elsewhere. No one knows how deals are going to be in the current climate b/c a pandemic resulting in a global shutdown of the economy is totally unprecedented. Dealers aren’t going to make volume bonuses, so they may try to maximize profit on each car.

X3 loaners are not uncommon, but m40i loaners are not particularly common (I don’t recall seeing many X3 M40i loaner deals here, but do use the search function). So, even if you’re getting a loaner, the dealer may know that they have a relatively rare car that might be popular. And there might not be a lot of data, even here. Checking to see how long the car’s been sitting on the lot might be helpful (probably not that long, though, if it’s a 2020).

What good does that info serve sitting in your backpocket? A public forum’s purpose is not just for the OP but for all the people who subsequently read it.

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Thanks for all the responses. I have been going back and forth with a salesman and just wanted some information before I get his quote that I post here. It’s not that I’m keeping information in my back pocket, I just want to have done enough research to put forth a solid deal.

Word of advice:

You should know exactly what the vehicle should cost based on comparable deals, the current rv/mf/incentives from edmunds, etc BEFORE you talk to the dealer.

Approaching the dealer is for finding out if they’ll do the deal you want, not for figuring out what the car should lease for.

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This is what I come up with for numbers based on Edmunds and what the dealer said he could do for a discount. Without a real quote, he said my monthly would be $622 vs the calculator coming up with $555.

Is the discount quoted at buyrate MF or is it contingent on max markup?

And how much is DAS in the dealer’s quote?

Ask the dealer for a lease worksheet and post it here.

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Did the dealer clearly and specifically state that the discount amount was pre-incentive?