2020 bmw x3 lease deal check FL


Hi all,

I was offered two deals.

2020 bmw x3 (loaner with 1000 miles)
Msrp was about $44,500
$5700 off before incentives
$1500 loyalty
$1750 lease cash
$1500 due at signing
36 months, 12,000 miles per year
$499 tax included.
They havent disclosed MF yet, i know base is .00142 but doubt they have it at base.

Orginally, i was fighting for a 2020 bmw x3 DEMO with 4218 miles on it and i was trying to get at least 15% off msrp before incentives. Dealer told me they couldnt and told me theres a difference between a DEMO and a LOANER and that they could do better on a loaner instead of demo because of something to do with subsidies they get from bmw corporate for only loaners and not demo.

I found that odd because i currently drive a 2019 330 for $327/month, $1500 DAS on a demo that has 1807 miles on it (15.5% off).

What should i do? Keep negotiating on the loaner?

Do the numbers on the first deal come out accurately?

You can’t force then you do anything, keeping shopping and find a dealer willing to go deeper on a discount

Im going to try to negotiate further. Do the numbers in the first deal make sense?? Located in florida 33498

Find a loaner with more miles on it if you want more discount, they are giving you almost 13% off on a 1000 mile car, I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t discount more. In allot states that’s still considered a new car.

I am almost positive demos qualify for same incentives if it is under 5,000 miles.

I sense they are in need of moving inventory so i will counter. Can you please let me know if the numbers provided do indeed add up to $499 tax in?

Thats what i thought but now im not sure if its an accurate statement. My limited knowledge leads to me to believe that a car that has 4200 would get more of a discount than one that has 1000. But this whole DEMO vs LOANER story from them grinds my gears

Throw in the calculator and post the link

The higher discount is usually to compensate for the residual drop due to miles on the car.

FS gives the dealer more dealer incentive on a punched loaner IIRC than a Demo unit. I believe the dealer is correct in this situation. The customer rebates would be the same, yes, but dealer cash wouldn’t, which is likely why he won’t go deeper on the deal.