2020 BMW x2 Lease help!

Hey guys I need your opinion

I am currently trying to work out a deal for a 2020 x2 with the convenience package. The car is a loaner with 4135 miles.

Here’s the break down
Msrp 43700
Sale price 35,369
Mf .00182
RV 59%
Incentives 3500 includes 1000, 750, and 1750
Taxes at 8.75.

I should be getting a lot better of a monthly payment but I’m not, im calculating somewhere in the 350-60s but the dealer is at about a 100 dollars more. Should I push the deal or move on?

Just go with Sam @autopia will save you time and money and might even get you a new one.

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Is that sales price before or after incentives? (Considering a $100 price delta and $3500 in incentives, I’m betting you’re counting the sales price as pre incentive and they’re counting it as post incentives)

Post your calculator so we can see why there’s a delta.

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Please help me out if you see anything I’m doing wrong. This is my first deal and really car purchase. I want to get the best deal I can. I’m not in a huge rush.

I don’t see anything jumping out, which to me reinforces the notion that the sales price they’re quoting you is post-incentive, not pre-incentive.

I’m guessing they’re sitting right around $465 with $1k das?

If you take the incentives out the payment is $100 higher, they are probably including the rebates in the sales price, where’s your lease sheet? So what @mllcb42 said…lol

Makes me wonder because on the sheet poster below the car itself goes all the way down to 33,400.
It’s not making that much sense to me atm.

That sheet clearly shows that the $33400 adjusted price includes the $3500 rebate.

I see now, okay thanks. I initially thought this had the potential to be a good deal. Thanks for the help.

So selling price is $36900. Are you sure about the RV?

This is closer, the residual looks right according to edmunds, your math is wrong on the discount and I taxed everything. It’s only $20ish off now. Also, who knows what MF they were using, .00142 is buy rate. There might be some addons that don’t show on this sheet too

Offer them this

That would be an awesome deal, that’s right around what I thought it should be when I had my math all wrong. But do you see them biting on this? My point of contact hasn’t responded ever since I said our monthly pricing has a bit of a gap between it

Just call him and tell him that you’ll do that deal today, you can hold while he talks to the manager, put him on the spot or move on to another dealer

Their sales person explicitly said the MF was at .00182 which is pretty high

I’d tell him there’s allot of BMW dealers in SoCal

I’m in NorCal, around the Sacramento area, I’ve been looking in the bay since there seems to me more dealers. I will follow your instructions. I appreciate all the help i really want this car.