2020 BMW X1 sdrive28 Deal Check


First off, i know this can be improved significantly. We have a leased Lexus and purchased BMW in the home. This is also before 7 MSD’s which should lower MF by .00035. Am I supposed to be negotiating the “Adjusted price” or “Balance” according to their sheet?

36/10k in South Florida
MF: .00118 (this was not in the quote but I asked and was told this number)
Residual: 57% (this was not in the quote but I asked and was told this number)

I am writing this down the way they put on their quote sheet.

2020 BMW X1 sdrive28

$41,800 MSRP
-$750 loyalty
-$1500 lease credit

Adjusted price $36,300
PVT Tag 2: 10.00
Total Purchase $36,310

Dealer handling fee: $388
Dealer fee: $899
Tire fee: $5
Battery fee: $1.50
Electronic filing fee: $297.10
Tag fee: $30
Lease surcharge: $60
(Taxable fees (Estimated): $781.60)
Tax: $292.64
Acquisition fee: $925
Lemon law: $2
License fee: $150
(Non tax fees: $1,077 Acquisition, lemon, license)

Balance: $39,360.24 (Is this what is considered the cap cost?)
DAS $2,572 (1st month & inceptions even though I can’t even calculate it properly)
$446 + tax mo

Wow… now THAT takes balls by the dealer.

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One would typically negotiate the pre-incentive discount amount, being very sure to specify that it is pre-incentive and call out the incentives separately.

You’ve got a combination of things making this a not particularly good deal… a not amazing dealer discount and a dealer that’s trying to throw as many fees as possible at the wall.

You’re sitting at basically $525/mo before tax on this x1. That’s quite poor. I’d move on to a new dealer or work with an out of state broker.

As an example, the same price will get you an x3 m40i here: 🦁 Next Level Auto:Your most trusted BMW Specialist! Direct:(201)429-7045 | DEC Best on LH! 17% off 760! - #1624 by syhhello

I laughed at the fees when I saw them.

I always like to give a shot to the dealer that gave me the time for a test drive before I shop around because I think that’s fair. What do you think my final offer should look like to them?

I did negotiate the pre-incentive discount and asked for 15% below MSRP before incentives and was told they couldn’t do that. That being said, if I negotiate the pre-incentive discount, they can just tack on all the fees at the end like they did here. They were at about an 8% “discount” but then taking the fees into account they are nowhere near that.

Which fees should I tell them to wipe off the sheet then negotiate properly? dealer handling fee, tire fee, battery fee and electronic filing fee?

From what I understand what’s not negotiable is dealer fee, electronic filing fee (is this doc fee?), tag fee, lease surcharge, tax, acquisition, lemon and license fee.

It looks to me like they’re making up several different fees here.

Dealer fee, dealer handling, and electronic filing fee sounds an awful lot like they’re charging about $1600 in dealer fees, which are basically pure profit. You’re probably $3500 or so away from a good deal on this. I just can’t see a dealer trying to pull these shenanigans closing that gap.

I’d thank them for their time and move on. I don’t think they’re worth countering.

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I hear you but i’m still going to give them a counter when they eventually call. I’ll be looking for a broker in the meanwhile.

With all those BS extra fees added in, they already told you no for the discount you want to be at. Why do you think they’ll say yes this time?

It’s the end of the month and I have nothing to lose if they call. I’ll say a number and either they say yes or no. I don’t mind a 30 sec phone call but I won’t be calling them.

South Florida dealers have terrible fees

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Can anybody recommend a broker that works with South Florida dealerships? Mercedes and/or BMW

You don’t have to use a broker with your local dealers. Many will bring the car to you.

Check on broker reviews I know there is one for bmw not sure about Mercedes

It’s not about the delivery of the car but the hassle of dealing with these dealerships. To me it’s worth paying a broker to get me a deal like the ones on that spreadsheet than spend the next week or so dealing with the back and forth with a single dealership or multiple dealerships.

No, my point was, just contact the broker in the spreadsheet and the car will arrive at your door step. You can work with out of state brokers that source from out of state dealers (assuming they choose to do business with FL customers).

I’m still new to this site so i’m still trying to figure it out thanks. I didn’t know that forum existed i’ll check it out.

I’ll definitely be doing that. The only thing I have to take into account is the delivery of the car right? Usually around $700-$1000 depending on location im guessing?

Depends on where they’re coming from.

@Bacons_C.C is an excellent broker for BMWs in South Florida region. Hit him up, he is very reasonable with his fees and can get you the cheapest deal on a BMW—even if he brings one from out of state. Btw, 446/mo with 2.5k DAS is X3 territory.

Hey guys,

I am new to this forum and also a first time person trying to lease a car. First of all, I apologize for stealing this post, but how do I post a question on this forum?

I am looking to lease a 2020 BMW X3 base model.
what is the MF, residual, lease and royalty incentives. zip code 91801 in SoCal.

Thank you for all your help!

Edmunds is the source for that information. That’s where we go to get it.