2020 BMW x1 or 2020 Audi q3

Hi everyone,

This is my first post on here and just wanted some opinions on which deal to go with for a new lease.

Currently have a 2016 a3, lease is up in 2 weeks and have negotiated the leases below.

2020 bmw x1
Convenience package + heated seats
10k/36, $3k total out of pocket - $325 a month including tax
Comes with more belles and whistles than the q3 (nav, programable drivers seat, automatic passenger seat, more pricing incentives)

2020 Audi q3
Premium base + convenience package
10k/36, $3k total out of pocket - $379 a month including tax
Sleek new interior

We really can’t decide which to go with, kind of leaning towards the x1 due to price and better equipped car. Would love to know thoughts from you guys!

Why are you putting so much out of pocket?


There doesn’t seem to be a lot of information here to really assess whether each deal is a good deal or not, so with that being said I think it would come down to which one fits your needs better as far as the size of the car, which one you enjoy driving more, etc.

If you are asking for an assessment of the deals we would need more information on the deals such as the MF, residual, and any incentives that you qualify for for each make, etc. that you see included in every post.

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Both are awful deals. Don’t sign. A Q3 for what is $462 a month would have me laughing at the sales guy and walking out the door. Not in a million years. Spend some time reading the forum. The bmw could probably be had for the price you’ve been quoted with just MSDs due at signing.

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Audi Q3 is a nice car, I looked at one fully loaded ($46,000) to drive into NYC. They are nicely equipped and small. I walked out as the dealer clearly wasn’t looking to sell these. They have no incentives and the lease actually cost more then a BMW X3 at $56,000 msrp.

What’s the msrp of either car? What region/state/market are you located in?

Without enough info, I guess I’d say go with the X1